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causing consternation


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A big, bluff, irascible organization man, Barck--with his dismayingly apt Dickensian name--had held that office for forty-two years, through five political bosses and eight mayors.
He emerges less as a villainous homophobe than as a young man engaged, sometimes dismayingly and sometimes inventively, with dramas of self-possession quite his own.
In his review in The New York Times, A O Scott compared it unfavourably with the couple's first film, calling it "a dismayingly conventional exploration of the vicissitudes of romance.
KIRSCHNER AND PANOS have long been clear-eyed about what doesn't work, or at least does so dismayingly infrequently, having come up against the limits of various other strategies of activist-inflected representation.
More dismayingly still, far too many of the concrete examples either of what could have been done but wasn't are presented so simplistically as to make the solutions offered appear hollow, since the challenge as described bears little or no resemblance to the complexities that actually exist.
According to Louis Caprioli, director of international security at GEOS, a risk management company, one reason why ransoms are generally forthcoming is that mounting rescue operations with any real prospect of success--that is, getting the captives out in one piece--are dismayingly slim.
His administration has been dismayingly late in developing its Sudan strategy, possibly reflecting a split within the State Department between those who favor even tougher sanctions against Khartoum and those who want to ease them.
Obama, in formulating his foreign policy, would be better served by Princeton professor Bernard Lewis's cogent argument that the contemporary convulsions within the world of Islam, so dismayingly expressed in mayhem and violence against innocent Muslims and Westerners, stem from the frustrated desire to recapture the Islamic golden age.
Scholes' innings followed a similar pattern as they fell away dismayingly from 57-1 to 73-6, and with anchor Mark Wimpenny gone for 25 home nerves were fraying fast.
I have noticed over the years that many economists have dismayingly selective memories when it comes to things that interfere with their favored story lines.
Although there have been major improvements over the last few decades, the quality and safety of surgical care has been dismayingly variable in every part of the world.
Even as-he vociferates against reductionism in the humanities, Goodheart adopts a dismayingly reductionist view of literary research as a bipolar conflict of postmodern skepticism vs hardcore scientism.
Having said that, his skepticism and materialism push him to do us the service of correcting the historical record: "Long the conventional explanation, the human tidal-wave theory was abandoned in the early years of the last century, however, as new scholarship revealed the first Arab armies to have been dismayingly small--a few thousand at most to conquer Graeco-Roman Syria and fewer than twelve thousand, probably, to occupy Iran.
And dismayingly, despite the "hybrid" nature of the operation, African Union Commissioner Alpha Oumar Konare capitulated early on to Khartoum's demand that forces be essentially, virtually exclusively, African in character.
As much as the novel concerns itself with affections, and loves specifically, Henry James's contribution to this collaborative experiment qualifies, if not militates against, grandmother Evart's radiant theory when James's character, the Talbert family's oldest son, Charles Edward dismayingly and offhandedly asserts "Of course, with such a deep diversity of feeling, we simply loath each other.