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causing consternation


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But not so dismaying as the thought of Margaret, 74 when she died, feeling the need to hide her dead babies and mourn alone.
In the Globe, the redoubtable Margaret Wente also emphasized the dismaying prospect of the Aspers controlling the Post.
It is particularly that kind of monological result that I find dismaying in Schussler Fiorenza's present exegesis.
In the Senate, the vote was a dismaying 85 to 14, with such liberal Democratic stalwarts as Joseph Biden (Delaware), Bill Bradley (New Jersey), Christopher Dodd (Connecticut), Tom Harkin (Iowa), Patrick Leahy (Vermont), Barbara Mikulski (Maryland), Paul Sarbanes (Maryland), and Paul Wellstone (Minnesota) all voting in favor of the bill.
What's most dismaying is that the revelation is just the latest about the failure of a county agency - health services, child welfare, law enforcement, community and senior services.