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Synonyms for dismayed

struck with fear, dread, or consternation

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We recognise that the task facing the tribunal was a difficult one, but we are dismayed by its decision.
His wife and family will be utterly dismayed that someone is seeking to profit from Robin's death in such a grotesque way.
Solicitors representing the women suing the Metropolitan Police said they were dismayed by the decision and one of their clients, who first provided a statement to the police three years ago, was considering challenging the CPS decision.
Although it has its place, quite clearly, I am personally very dismayed that the work of the court has diminished to the extent that it has.
Volunteers who rallied round to take down damaged hanging baskets were dismayed by the discovery of the dead plants and flowers.
I understand that a magazine has to change with the times, but I was dismayed to see that MOTHER EARTH NEWS has become such a yuppie magazine.
Mr Jolly was dismayed that parking restrictions around Villa Park would prevent his local parishioners from attending his Sunday service.
E""(I am) deeply dismayed by the incident I would like to extend my condolences to the family of the deceased as a result of yesterday's sad accident," he firstly tweeted.
We are dismayed that the communication skills of the Local Health Board seem non-existent in their apparent lack of information being provided to all parties concerned.
In a statement issued Tuesday night Ki-moon said we are dismayed at the decision taken by the Israeli government to expand Gilo settlement built on Palestinian territories occupied by Israel during 1967 war.
Reliable Sources told that when the PML-Q leader ship including Secretary General Mushahid Hussain, Secretary Finance Imtiaz Ranjha and others visited Gilgit Baltistan to review the electoral arrangements they were dismayed to see that not a single photo of Ch Shujaat was on the election banners and instead the posters and banners had pictures of former president Pervez Musharraf and Marvi Memons father Nisar Memon.
For David Moyes to come out and deliver such a strongly worded statement on the eve of Everton's Europa League play-off shows just how dismayed he has been with the defender's actions.
In a Commons debate on a backbench bid to abolish the licence fee, MsMcCarthy said: "There is one proposal that has absolutely dismayed people in Bristol and that is the proposal to move Casualty to Cardiff.
I was dismayed to read that a four-year-old boy had drowned (GDN, August 28) and even more dismayed to learn that the boy drowned because none of the women with him could swim (GDN, August 29).
In a letter to the Sunday Times, the consultants said: "We are dismayed at the decision by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) on the rationing of drugs for patients with advanced kidney cancer.