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Synonyms for dismantling

the act of taking something apart (as a piece of machinery)

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The report said that Iran had 19,138 centrifuges installed when the dismantling began October 18.
Chevron Philippines, and Petron Corporation as deadline for the complete dismantling of facilities looms in November.
The preparations began with anti-dispersal agents poured through holes in the cover's roof to prevent radioactive dust from escaping into the surrounding environment during the dismantling process.
The Executive Director of the SERAW pointed out that around 90% of the waste related to the dismantling of the Kozloduy NPP units would be low-level radioactive waste and intermediate-level waste.
He said: "We were con-fident that, given our long track record for dismantling offshore structures and ships for major clients and to the highest environmental standards, we were strong contenders for the contract as far as the technical requirements were concerned.
During a meeting with Spanish press on the sidelines of the 9th Morocco-EU Association, Fassi Fihri provided a detailed list of names of all journalists and correspondents, who were present before, during and after the dismantling of Gdeim Izik camp, as well as the definite period of their stay in Laayoune.
When I moved in, I found a man who specialised in dismantling and re-assembling large furniture.
The convention(1) requires the contracting parties to take the necessary measures to ensure the full implementation of the provisions in order to prevent, reduce, minimise and, as far as possible, eliminate accidents, injuries to the body and other harmful effects on human health and the environment caused by the dismantling of ships.
Regarding the possible dismantling and recycling of redundant Royal Navy vessels at A&P's Hebburn site: of course the residents of Hebburn village are quite right to voice their concerns over the safety of such an enterprise.
The regional municipality will be dismantling 20 more camps around Fort McMurray.
Currently, workers at the site continue the lengthy process of "remediation," in which contaminated items are removed from the building in preparation for dismantling.
The retail electronics recycling processor will either hand-dismantle these products or sell intact products or components to others for dismantling.
The wide span and low center of gravity contribute to the safe and efficient dismantling of high-rise buildings.
Greenpeace and the Basel Action Network have raised the alarm about the dangerous process of dismantling and recycling industrial ships, particularly by Norway, Japan and Greece (see "Ship Recycling," Currents, May/June 2003).
Bierlein performed the delicate task of dismantling the tower piece by piece.