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Synonyms for dismantle

Synonyms for dismantle

to take (something) apart

to pull down or break up so that reconstruction is impossible

Synonyms for dismantle

tear down so as to make flat with the ground

take apart into its constituent pieces

take off or remove

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These attachments, used with the SK3500D, can efficiently dismantle low-rise and medium-height buildings.
He is also supposed to disarm and dismantle the militant groups.
Either we reconfigure the data we have according to this model or let's just dismantle communication now
The technicians don't actually dismantle the plutonium itself.
He said Iran is committed to implementing the nuclear agreement, and that agreement requires Iran to dismantle some centrifuges in order to receive sanctions relief.
the labor to dismantle the product, and based upon experience, guess work or the more mundane facts of business, such as space and labor availability.
The LMDC has faced several challenges in trying to dismantle the 41-story office building that has been an eyesore to lower Manhattan since September 11.
PALMDALE - A Lancaster couple must dismantle a gate and barbed wire fence they erected alongside a dirt road that leads to their house in a dispute with a carrot-growing operation, a judge ruled Monday.
The main task for Russia is how to dispose of plutonium which arises from the dismantling of nuclear weapons and how to dismantle and dispose of decrepit nuclear-powered submarines.
paragraph] Seek agreement to dismantle all warheads and missiles removed from service under START I, START II, and unilateral undertakings.
Zarif said Iran "did not agree to dismantle anything" as part of the agreement.
Protesters have waged a two-year campaign against plans to dismantle 13 contaminated ships in the North-East.
It would be a crime to dismantle a group of specialized police officers.
Under the Nunn-Luger act we've asked for $100 million to build scrap yards in Russia to dismantle these nuclear vessels," Thompson said.