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without loyalty


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For that reason, the plaintiffs must plead, in addition to a motive to retain corporate control, other facts sufficient to state a cognizable claim that the Director Defendants acted disloyally.
Such assumption would require that the existing shareholders and the Board of Directors accepted that the management acted disloyally towards them and did not meet its contractual obligation.
Asked whether he had behaved disloyally by not telling Mr Clegg the secret polls were being carried out, he replied: "There was no disloyalty whatever.
The plaintiffs alleged that the four independent directors on the Answers board had been influenced by the other three directors to act disloyally or in bad faith.
So check now when things end, and put a large red note in your diary a month before the crucial time (or in bold in a web calendar), so you've time to disloyally tart to a new cheaper provider.
These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions.
Even my four-year-old son disloyally announced that he found them "pretty".
However, when the employer is engaged in illegal activity, the employee would not be considered to be acting disloyally and in breach of the employment contract by reporting such misconduct to the relevant authority.
Though the ministry states that all actions taken against NGOs are for the sake national security, CSOs believe that ministry rhetoric alienates them from society and treats CSOs as if they were acting disloyally.
40) Therefore, the court deemed such an entrenchment motive alone insufficient to trigger review under the entire fairness standard; rather, the plaintiffs would have to show additional facts demonstrating that a majority of the board acted disloyally.
suspect ex ante that a fiduciary would behave so disloyally, we would
These are the people who are subject to prosecution for treason if they act disloyally toward their country.
You demand my complete allegiance,/so disloyally I slip away.
These terrorists are religiously and mentally retarded, as there is nothing in Islam that allows them to disloyally strike unarmed or innocent people.
109) Examples are acting disloyally, breaches of contractual relationships without just sporting cause, opportunitic holding out by player or team, and preventing the performance of a sporting duty.