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forced removal from a position of advantage


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The reported complications include dislodgment of pins resulting in damage to esophagus and the spinal cord32,33.
The presence of invasive neuromonitoring devices, such as external ventricular drains (EVDs), may be a deterrent to aggressive, early mobilization due to fear of catheter dislodgment, hemorrhage, or inappropriate cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage (Hale et al.
The other presented after an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth during normal use, causing a maxillary fracture, tooth fractures and dislodgment, soft-palate damage, and lip lacerations.
This decreases adhesion considerably facilitating the dislodgment of the material towards occlusal during polymerisation, because adhesion of a composite resin to enamel surface is better when compared to dentin surface which explains us the presence of microleakage on cementum (Cervical part) more than in enamel (occlusal part).
8,9) In dynamic situations, the adhesion is necessary to avoid sealer dislodgment during operative procedures.
During previous studies in Europe, one patient experienced needle dislodgment.
As with any implantable device, certain risks still exist, such as device dislodgment, inadequate pacing thresholds and perforation into the pericardium--the sac surrounding the heart.
Passing the probang to push the choke in to rumen with vigorous efforts may lead to dislodgment of choke and usually result in rupture of esophagus, which may cause esophageal perforations or fistula and even deaths as recorded by some authors.
Extravasation of contrast media occurs when iodinated contrast injected intravenously (IV) leaks out into the surrounding tissues because of the dislodgment of the intravenous cannula, leakage from the puncture site or rupture of the vascular wall.
It has been observed in Europe that ground-dwelling predators feed on cereal aphids which often occur on the soil surface as the result of intentional dispersal among plants or unintentional dislodgment from plants caused by wind, rain, agricultural practice, activity of natural enemies, and many other factors.
Dislocation of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the dislodgment of the head of condyle from the glenoid fossa.
The destruction of watershed assets, homes, and the deposits of large amounts of sediment led to landslides and the dislodgment of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO).
Spencer Jones is chief executive officer of LineGard Med, a medical device startup developing SafeBreak, a device to protect intravenous access devices from accidental dislodgment.
This vicious circle of a composite material starts initially with the swelling of a composite material and leads to interfacial debonding and dislodgment of filler particles over the period of time.