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forced removal from a position of advantage


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Incorrect use and later dislodgment or fracture of instruments may also contribute to complications such as instability, fusion failure or pain--with possible resultant neurologic damage.
The use of implantable pumps is not without complications, however, including infection, pharmacological side effects, catheter dislodgment, and malfunction.
Each nest was attached with a wire to a supporting branch to prevent wind dislodgment, baited with two fresh infertile Blue Quail (Coturnix adansonii) eggs, and checked every fifth day for a 15-day period.
His report was published: Campanology, Europe 1945-47: A Report on the Condition of Carillons on the Continent of Europe as a Result of the Recent war, on the Sequestration and Melting down of Bells by the Central Powers, and on Research into the Tonal Qualities of Bells made Accessible by War-Time Dislodgment (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1948).
The possible reason for majority of the snake-bites in rainy season may be attributed to the flooding of rain water in the dwelling places of snakes, thus causing their dislodgment.
As the vegetation was located on the tip of the lead extraction of it through subclavian vein by means of simple traction was thought to carry the risk of peeling and dislodgment of the vegetative mass into the right ventricular cavity.
The dialogue is ridiculously hilarious--thanks to its dislodgment from context and environment: "I don't believe in God, I believe in science," Esqueleto (HE[umlaut]ctor JimE[umlaut]nez), a shabby-looking vagabond who becomes Ignacio's wrestling partner.
In fact there is no aspect of egoic existence which does not invoke some kind of presentiment, and dreams, because they are not immediately transparent, may easily cast the ego into a self-perplexing mode which solicits a momentary sense of dislodgment from the horizon of familiar and taken for granted to the horizon of unfamiliarity with one's own experience.
Prosthesis-related complications were defined as those that necessitated intervention--particularly, dislodgment and leakage.
Once on the skin, pesticide residues and contaminated particles can be transferred back to the contaminated surface during subsequent contact, lost by dislodgment or washing, or transferred into the body by percutaneous absorption or hand-to-mouth activity.
These agents do not directly disrupt fibrin clots but may slowly weaken them by inhibition of the normal remodeling that occurs within a clot or by spontaneous hemorrhage within the clot itself, (8) thereby causing its dislodgment.
Whether renovator or activist, the very presence of new migrants to Fitzroy created a form of dislodgment that the VHC had not been able to achieve through slum clearance, a point noted in a 1974 National Times piece that remarked on how 'the trendy twees expelled the blue collars and ethnics':
Certainly, the transition can be defined, in the widest historical sense, as a transfer of class power: the dislodgment of the power of capital from the "commanding heights" and the assertion of the power of socialist democracy.
If a woman has a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy, RU-486 does not bring about dislodgment.
The feeling of dislodgment felt by Timorese will only lead to further alienation, which may in turn increase the battles for social and economic preeminence.