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Synonyms for dislodge

Synonyms for dislodge

remove or force out from a position

change place or direction

remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied


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Late accidental dislodgement of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube: an underestimated burden on patients and the health care system.
We also protocolised our sedation policy during this period as we felt this would help prevent dislodgements due to restlessness and agitation.
Critical incidents were categorised as 1) airway-related, 2) line-related, 3) drug errors, 4) dislodgement of devices other than endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes (accidental extubations and decannulations were included under airway-related incidents), 5) wrong set-up of equipment, 6) faulty equipment, 7) barotrauma due to inadvertent ventilatory manipulations and 8) miscellaneous incidents (Table 1).
If the branch is very large and possible dislodgement is a concern, a lead with a curled or sigmoid shape may be chosen.
It takes only a few minutes before the dislodgement can have serious, even fatal consequences.
Redsense is the first clinically tested monitoring system for venous needle dislodgement in hemodialysis.
Dislodgement of the left heart lead may require additional surgeries, which could increase the risk of infection.
Several published studies have documented that StatLock significantly reduces IV-therapy-related complications, such as phlebitis and inadvertent catheter dislodgements.
The most common device-related complications reported involve catheter kinks, dislodgements and breaks.
The study showed StatLock reduced total complications by approximately one-third when compared to suture; lowered unplanned catheter removals by 43 percent, and reduced the number of catheter dislodgements and PICC restarts.
Results of a clinical trial I recently reviewed found beyond any question that securing catheters with StatLock reduced thrombosis, dislodgements and unplanned losses of the catheter.
Noting the "mistaken assumption" that catheter dislodgements are inevitable, Hanchett said that after two years of research, she and her company have concluded that "the StatLock product has clearly emerged as the leader, as the most tested and validated securement product in bona fide studies.
In addition to preventing catheter dislodgements, unscheduled restarts, and medical complications, StatLock provides "primary prevention" of needlesticks, offering an extra margin of safety for healthcare workers.
StatLock Complications Tape/Suture StatLock Catheter Dislodgements - 4 0 PICC Study Infection - PICC Study 1 0 Infection - CVC Study 3 0 Accidental Needlesticks - 1 0 CVC Study Total Complications 9 0