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Synonyms for dislodge

Synonyms for dislodge

remove or force out from a position

change place or direction

remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied


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Pacing with the Tempo Lead was successful in all treated patients with no loss of pace capture or lead dislodgement of the device from within the heart.
Placement of catheter is associated with problems like kinking, knotting, breakage and dislodgement or migration5,6.
Fields (2010) also reported that ProPublica examined records for more than 1500 dialysis clinics in five states from 2002-2009 and found at least one fatality that resulted from needle dislodgements in each of the five states plus "dozens of additional cases in which patients required hospitalization, blood transfusions, or other emergency interventions" (p.
Although dislodgement may occur with active and passive fixation leads, current data show that active fixation reduces the incidence of lead dislodgement.
Accidental dislodgements of endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes were the most common airway incidents as was the case in a previous study by Kapadia et all (16).
High current: turns, slides, dislodgement, and righting behavior.
In some cases, alternative routes of LV pacing are needed due to constraints of coronary venous anatomy, diaphragmatic stimulation, and late LV lead dislodgements.
Needle dislodgements are rare but they do occur and unfortunately, the dialysis machines do not alarm with venous needle dislodgement due to the pressure in the needle with the flow of blood.
Overall, including the acute dislodgements at one day post-implant, the lead has a low 0.
SAN DIEGO -- A newly published study shows that the StatLock Arterial Select catheter securement device, made by Venetec International, reduces dislodgements and unscheduled restarts of arterial catheters by nearly 49 percent -- making patients safer and protecting healthcare workers against accidental needlesticks.
To date, physicians report excellent results in everything from discovering lead dislodgements to confirming the effectiveness of prescribed medications.
StatLock IV catheter securement device for Introcan Safety IV Catheter is the first peripheral IV securement device to be custom-crafted so it locks onto the catheter hub - preventing accidental dislodgements and movement-related complications.
Several published studies have documented that StatLock significantly reduces IV-therapy-related complications, such as phlebitis and inadvertent catheter dislodgements.
The most common device-related complications reported involve catheter kinks, dislodgements and breaks.
The study showed StatLock reduced total complications by approximately one-third when compared to suture; lowered unplanned catheter removals by 43 percent, and reduced the number of catheter dislodgements and PICC restarts.