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forced removal from a position of advantage


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2] for intubated and ventilated patients allows early detection of tube dislodgement (eg during repositioning or transportation), blockage, leakage or kinking.
Movement and wave dislodgement of mussels on a wave-protected rocky shore.
8) A standardized meticulous surgical technique is mandatory, along with appropriate trocar incision and fixation to avoid excessive trocar movement or dislodgement.
Nevertheless, resorption of bioceramics coating can lead to aseptic dislodgement of implant from bone after a long duration of clinical service.
As noted below, large infestations of this mite can exist, and it would seem that its presence elsewhere other than the skin, as in this case, is most likely due to dislodgement of the mite from the skin area.
Faced with dislodgement, opposition leaders appealed for international intervention in Bahrain.
It is possible that bleeding from the injured vessel slowed or ceased secondary to clot formation shortly after the initial insult, only to resume with probable clot dislodgement upon patient mobilization on postoperative days 2 through 7.
While confronting a patient in whom the DDD pacemaker interrogation shows nearly 100% ventricular sensing, but electrocardiographic monitoring shows ventricular pacing, the most important probabilities are: a) Dislodgement of the atrial lead into the ventricle and ventricular capture by it; b) Inappropriate connection of the leads to the generator (atrial lead being connected to the ventricular channel of the generator and vice versa).
We opted to not reinsert catheters in the ward after dislodgement because of the logistical issues.
AdvaCare ensures that the Colostomy Bag it carries come with quality base plates to firmly secure the pouches in place preventing accidental dislodgement.
Restriction of either limb or whole body mobility in patients with femoral cannulation is often due to unsubstantiated concerns about kinking or breaking the catheter, accidental loss of access, line disconnection with subsequent bleeding, occlusion or thrombosis formation, vessel injury (eg, pseudoaneurysm, especially from rigid catheters), and increased potential for site contamination related to dressing dislodgement.
The tooth units are structured to enable a smooth transition from dislodgement of the functional, mature tooth to replacement with the new tooth.
The system provides anterior column support for individual and multiple level corpectomy patients, and uses integrated screws, superior and inferior, that are designed to prevent dislodgement.
As with the original P290, the frame is concave around the head of the slide stop pin on the right side, allowing the pin to be recessed and thus inhibiting accidental dislodgement.