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Synonyms for dislodge

Synonyms for dislodge

remove or force out from a position

change place or direction

remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied


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The physician made two successive bleedings, which dislodged it for the time, but left the patient very weak, and without power of action in anything but his brain.
One instant all was quiet and stability--the next, and the world rocked, the tortured sides of the narrow passageway split and crumbled, great blocks of granite, dislodged from the ceiling, tumbled into the narrow way, choking it, and the walls bent inward upon the wreckage.
Frantic were the leaps of Numa--awful his roars of rage and pain; but the giant upon his back could not be dislodged or brought within reach of fangs or talons in the brief interval of life that remained to the lord with the large head.
The slightest tremor would have dislodged the snow, and no snow was dislodged.
A shower of burning fragments, dislodged by the shock, fell about them.
His braced fore paws dislodged a pebble, and with sharp-pricked ears and peering eyes he watched the fall of the pebble till it struck at their feet.
There was a sound of crashing through underbrush, the ringing of steel-shod hoofs on stone, and an occasional and mossy descent of a dislodged boulder that bounded from the hill and fetched up with a final splash in the torrent that rushed over a wild chaos of rocks beneath him.
Earth and small stones, dislodged by their struggles, were rolling down with them and before them in a miniature avalanche.
When Ney dashed upon the advance of the allied troops, carrying one position after the other, until the arrival of the great body of the British army from Brussels changed the aspect of the combat of Quatre Bras, the squadrons among which Regulus rode showed the greatest activity in retreating before the French, and were dislodged from one post and another which they occupied with perfect alacrity on their part.
A dislodged stone went on downwards, rattling as it leaped.
Where dogs would howl to lie, women, and men, and boys slink off to sleep, forcing the dislodged rats to move away in quest of better lodgings.
He stopped and laid his hand upon a piece of the coping of the burial-ground enclosure, as if he would have dislodged the stone.
Nothing daunted by this reception, he clung tight to his opponent, and bit and hammered away with such good-will and heartiness, that it was at least a couple of minutes before he was dislodged.
He added that Education, health, environment, agriculture and services provided to the citizens, as well as human rights, dislodged and Syrian refugees in Qa'im district, western Anbar, are the main topics the UN seeks to care for.