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separated at the joint

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I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of my informer, who, having lived on the spot for several years, ought to be well acquainted with the circumstance, -- which, if true, certainly is very curious: for we must suppose that the snow-water, being conducted through porous strata to the regions of heat, is again thrown up to the surface by the line of dislocated and injected rocks at Cauquenes; and the regularity of the phenomenon would seem to indicate that in this district heated rock occurred at a depth not very great.
It is asserted that the puma always kills its prey by springing on the shoulders, and then drawing back the head with one of its paws, until the vertebrae break: I have seen in Patagonia the skeletons of guanacos, with their necks thus dislocated.
Governor Tom Wolf was joined by Senator Camera Bartolotta and Representative Pam Snyder to announce $3 million in funding to repurpose the existing training facilities of United Mine Workers of America Career Centers (UMWACC) to provide broader retraining for dislocated workers focused on high priority occupations.
He said: "It looks like Jack has dislocated his shoulder.
commitment to help dislocated workers to become re-employed and to continue their support with Corporate Donations.
With a medial luxation, dogs tend to hold their leg out to the side while the kneecap is dislocated.
The Brew's on-stage appearance at the Gala Theatre tomorrow has been cancelled after drummer Kurtis Smith dislocated his shoulder - but replacement band George Shovlin and the Radars has stepped in at short notice to fill the vacant 2pm slot.
Prompt and appropriate treatment of a dislocated shoulder--when the head of the upper arm bone (humerus) completely is knocked out of the shoulder socket (glenoid)--can minimize risk for future dislocations as well as the effects of related bone, muscle, and nerve injuries, according to a literature review appearing in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
ANTOLIN Alcaraz could be sidelined for up to 12 weeks after Everton boss Roberto Martinez con-firmed the Paraguayan defender has a dislocated shoulder.
The 25-year-old was carried off on a stretcher after being hurt in a tackle in the Giants' 24-8 win at the DW Stadium on Friday and on Monday was told he dislocated his knee and damaged ligaments.
A WOMAN literally bit off more than she could chew at a burger restaurant when she was left nursing a dislocated jaw.
Land routes were dislocated and hundreds of people were stranded.
CONDITIONAL jockey Gary Rutherford looks set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines after suffering a dislocated and fractured hip after a heavy fall at Cartmel on Saturday.
The woman suffered a dislocated jaw, broken nose, and injuries to her left eye, head, back and shoulder.