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separated at the joint

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The last cook was suffering from a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder, so Bunster made Mauki cook and general house-boy.
The footsteps of the puma wer to be seen almost everywhere on the banks of the river and the remains of several guanacos, with their neck dislocated and bones broken, showed how they had met thei death.
The beautiful laws of time and space, once dislocated by our inaptitude, are holes and dens.
During the business talk which had just come to an end this girl had been making her way up the side street which forms a short cut between Coventry Street and the Bandolero, and several admirers of feminine beauty who happened to be using the same route had almost dislocated their necks looking after her.
The very slightest of the jolts with which the ponderous carriage fell from log to log, was enough, it seemed, to have dislocated all the bones in the human body.
Hugh laughed again, and with such thorough abandonment to his mad humour, that his limbs seemed dislocated, and his whole frame in danger of tumbling to pieces; but Mr Tappertit, so far from receiving this extreme merriment with any irritation, was pleased to regard it with the utmost favour, and even to join in it, so far as one of his gravity and station could, with any regard to that decency and decorum which men in high places are expected to maintain.
Edward instantly pricked up his ears to their utmost, and rattled off at such a pace that Mr Wegg's conversation was jolted out of him in a most dislocated state.
I was happy in listening to her, and in being moved by her entreaties; and to the last degree desolate and dislocated in the world by the loss of her.
And seizing Dounia by the arm so that he almost dislocated it, he made her bend down to see that "he is all right again.
NORTHWEST INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH -- $200,000; Columbus Square, 652 West 17th Street, Erie -- will provide occupational skill training and On The Job training to 35 dislocated workers in the Northwest Region.
Niall, 19, revealed: "I dislocated my knee playing football one time and when I got checked by the specialist I was told I've got a 67% chance of walking down the street and my knee dislocating itself.
This program will prepare dislocated workers for entry-level biotechnology careers, filling a shortage in personnel and lowering unemployment rates.
Dislocated workers are workers who have lost their jobs as a result of plant closings or mass layoffs and need additional training or retraining to improve their chances of finding a new job.
Cushing estimates he has dislocated the shoulder on multiple occasions and the operation should prevent future problems.
An employee transition team has been established by the department's Dislocated Worker Unit to help workers get back into the workforce.