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regarded with aversion


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I mean, who can claim being in the list of the most disliked music videos of the world, next to international stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus?
In response, 36 per cent said they liked the decision, 43 per cent said they disliked the decision, while 21 per cent were indifferent; neither liked nor disliked the decision.
Brands that use Facebook as an advertising platform could gain crucial data from disliked posts.
To further investigate this point, the most liked and most disliked musical genres were overlaid on the MCA plot as supplementary variables (Figure 1).
According to GossipCop, the 'Baby' hitmaker has claimed the fifth spot as he is reportedly disliked by 86 percent of the participants in the new survey released by E-Score, while there was a tie between Conrad Murray and OJ Simpson for number three, Pop Crush reported.
They compiled a list of things that Britons HAVE tried and then said never again because they disliKed it so much.
Polling by Ipsos Mori suggests the Opposition leader is liked by 30% of people, down from 37% in October 2012, and is disliked by 63% - an increase from the 56% recorded last autumn.
New research by a Birmingham psychologist found putting a child's favourite treat on the same plate as a disliked food could lead to both being rejected.
Remaining pairings mainly included cases in which one child acknowledged another as a friend or as especially disliked, but the second child expressed no opinion about the first.
They say that children who claimed friendship but were actually disliked often had poor social skills, like trouble getting along with others.
Not so surprisingly, aggressive and otherwise socially troubled third to sixth graders often believed they were friends with kids who disliked them, the researchers say.
They were married for 15 years and although we put on a good show for my dad's sake, I'm pretty sure she disliked me as much as I disliked her.
She adds: "And if you are a successful woman and beautiful, in Britain, you're even more disliked.
A GIRL knew one of the men accused of murdering Tony Bromley disliked him, a court heard.
The poll shows that the percentage of those Russians who disliked people form the Caucasus has increased to 29% from 23% in 2005.