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such as to provoke dislike

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When others seem to undercut this sense of self, we think of them as dislikable.
Pivotal to that were the cousins Kaiser, Wilhelm II - an eminently dislikable and insecure character - and the conservative Tsar Nicholas II.
Finneran, who's snagged a role as a nurse in the second season of the BBC's The Syndicate, said she's sorry to leave Downton and that she enjoyed playing such a dislikable character.
Nailing the conflicting emotions of paralyzing fear and utter exhilaration that frequently affect rookie filmmakers, the script has a trump card in the way Mu-young gradually transforms from a smarmy, dislikable critic into a humbled, struggling creative artist auds can sympathize with and eventually root for.
Response: In the original manuscript we classified the youths' responses to public service advertisements into likable and dislikable attributes.
Indeed the allegedly questionable ethics of dukawallahs and their profit-oriented business made them inherently dislikable to several Africans who were already feeling the pressure of the post-war economic structure and thus accused the Indians of keeping them in poverty.
He's a Dick Dastardly, an easily dislikable chap - greedy, scheming, anti-Scouse," he says.
Being dislikable is definitely something worth bragging about.
It was a life work for Jarry, who modeled Ubu on a particularly dislikable teacher he had as a child.
The last creates the harshest and simultaneously most interesting and dislikable character.
This does not make the journal easy reading, but Elizabeth Bennis is not dislikable.
While the women are sometimes horribly predictable and the consequences of Flynn's actions are deeply unpleasant, Flynn himself emerges as a very interesting, if dislikable character.
He goes to the office of sleazemeister extraordinaire Joe Banner (the peerlessly coarse and dislikable Allen Garfield), head of Banner Films, a pornographic movie company that confirms another of the film's alternate titles, Blue Manhattan.
Based on Toby Young's celebrated memoir, How To Lose Friends & Alienate People is a dull, lifeless mess and Pegg is a most dislikable and unsympathetic anti-hero, grating from the very first smug grin.