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such as to provoke dislike

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Pivotal to that were the cousins Kaiser, Wilhelm II - an eminently dislikable and insecure character - and the conservative Tsar Nicholas II.
Finneran, who's snagged a role as a nurse in the second season of the BBC's The Syndicate, said she's sorry to leave Downton and that she enjoyed playing such a dislikable character.
Wahlberg certainly looks the part - heavily muscled and moving like a boxer - while Bale is engagingly dislikable.
He's a Dick Dastardly, an easily dislikable chap - greedy, scheming, anti-Scouse," he says.
It was a life work for Jarry, who modeled Ubu on a particularly dislikable teacher he had as a child.
SUNDERLAND has been named as one of the places not to visit in a survey which condemned the city as having "nothing to offer with dislikable local accents".
I find him a fairly dislikable man and the sooner the FA or Newcastle do the decent thing and get shot of him the better.
A Press pal of mine asked in a real loud voice what it was like to work with "the very dislikable Alan Pardew.
I know, it's easy to knock Piers Morgan for being dislikable.
JORDAN SPIETH has reached the top of the cut-throat golfing world despite being hugely likeable - I find that extremely dislikable.
When others seem to undercut this sense of self, we think of them as dislikable.
Remember that eminently dislikable student at school, the one who actually quite enjoyed doing revision and exams?
There is little doubt, based on Pataki's multiple public comments about the court, that he found this judicial bequest distasteful and dislikable.
Meanwhile Steven Mackintosh and Cathryn Bradshaw are so thoroughly dislikable in their roles, you have to marvel at May's self-control.
But Duncan-Jones reads the available documentary evidence from a single-minded and sometimes distorted perspective in order to prove that he was a dislikable, even reprehensible character.