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computers, computer servers, diskettes or manuals) in the state.
Each diskette has a unique ID, allowing it to optimize the end-users' interaction with its knowledge of prior visits, preferences and purchases.
One major threat businesses face is the loss of transaction data: Traveling sales forces increasingly record such data on laptops and then either upload to the main office via modem or download onto diskettes that are mailed back to headquarters.
Then run the diagnostics diskette to determine the next step.
In recent market research conducted on our behalf, we have identified an apparently unmet consumer need for small, easy to use, rewritable media with storage density higher than floppy diskettes, but lower than that of personal USB flash drives typically used today," said Noam Kedem, vice president of marketing for msystems.
AntiEXE can infect diskettes when they are inserted into your computer.
In unveiling MEGA BRYTES(TM) at the '95 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, John Depuy, Kao Infosystems Company North American director of marketing and sales said, "These new and exciting, MEGA BRYTES(TM) diskettes are unmatched, one-of-a-kind diskettes that combine both stylistic creative appeal and Kao's manufacturing quality aimed at a broad audience of sophisticated and 'designing' diskette users.
The software also comes with an Emergency Boot Diskette for the recovery of data from systems that cannot boot to Windows.
5-inch diskette, formatted in an IBM-compatible form using MS DOS 5.
It also provides economical incentives for customers to pass their diskettes on to others.
MassHousing was also able to eliminate its bulk diskette mailings, saving thousands of dollars and hours of administrative time.
Kao Infosystems to manufacture CD-ROMs at Ontario, Canada diskette plant
version and comes complete with White Box package which will include one Winstation LS-240 SuperDisk Drive, One LS-240 diskette, One LS-120 diskette (while supplies last) and an installation manual.
Currently, the most appropriate medium for interactive direct mail is the computer diskette.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Trace, the market leader in diskette duplication equipment, introduces its newest innovation in high volume duplication systems, the Trace Series 8000ST.