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Alternatively, it's possible to store and protect all sensitive data on diskettes.
Reusable diskettes often have been written-to only once on a high-speed duplicator and never read.
3 Annual 85-Industry Input-Output Tables Based on the 1977 Benchmark Input-Output Study: 1987 Summary Input-Output Tables (computer tape, diskette, and printout).
Always monitor the number of "bad sectors" your hard drive or boot diskette has during your boot sequence [4] by performing the CHKDSK command and including that information in your AUTOEXEC.
Then run the diagnostics diskette to determine the next step.
Each diskette has a unique ID, allowing it to optimize the end-users' interaction with its knowledge of prior visits, preferences and purchases.
Subscribers to Current Contents on Diskette (with or without abstracts) may upgrade to the Windows version at no additional charge.
You also are asked to submit comments on a diskette, which would be in addition to, and not a substitute for, a formal filing.
In the past year alone, the NCSA reports that an estimated 10 virus encounters per 1,000 PCs every month, and over 70% of infections occurred through diskette distribution.
has introduced a diskette version of its popular S&P Analyst's Handbook.
Patents Preview, Derwent's fast alerting service for the latest in pharmaceutical research, is now available on diskette.
The Institute for Scientific Information has released new search and retrieval software for its Current Contents microcomputer diskette product line.