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having a flat circular shape

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While the disk-shaped tissue was connected with the acetabular labrum to the acetabular rim, the labrum cartilage complex was normal and showed no direct connection with the articular cartilage in acetabulum.
The disk-shaped surface that invisibly confines the dancers' movement also serves as a screen.
The Melt-Disk has a disk-shaped mini-manifold with external heating that conveys heat right up to the hot-tip seals.
1878: The term saucer was used to describe the shape of a UFO for the first time, when John Martin, a farmer from Texas, saw a disk-shaped object speeding through the sky.
The interior of these disk-shaped single-bilayer structures thus provides an environment for guest proteins that is topologically and chemically similar to that of cell membranes.
The heart of the implant is a disk-shaped heteromorph piezoelectric actuator that is coupled to the incus.
The remodeled Boeing 767 aircraft, which carry a price tag of between 54 billion and 57 billion yen each, can cover a wide area with their disk-shaped radar that sit atop the fuselage and are particularly good at surveillance at low altitudes.
The find, which came to them one morning at a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast, has made them alter their neat image of a disk-shaped galaxy to one of a fried egg with steam shooting out of the yolk.
Ericsson declared that it has introduced a new disk-shaped cellular radio, Ericsson Radio Dot System , which is aimed at offering high-quality access to mobile broadband and voice services indoors.
The new Chandra images reveal a disk-shaped structure near the center of the remnant.
These two small, icy bodies, and the collection of frozen miniworlds that lie beyond them in a disk-shaped reservoir known as the Kuiper belt, have never before been explored dose-up.
A second disk-shaped plate is placed on top of the polymer and pressed downward.
The cleaner's manufacturers claim that sensors guide the disk-shaped droid around any room, and that it can even adjust its own height to suck up dirt from different surfaces like rugs or tiles.