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(computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk

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The new Free Disk Monitor Lite enables agile management by allowing the IT admins in SMBs to monitor disk space on unlimited remote machines from a single console.
The primary advantage of Disk Expert is that it provides detailed and accurate visual information about the content of your disk space.
It helped us to estimate the size of disk space we need to continue making our diverse geographic information available to our library users online.
Clicking on the Settings button lets you control how much disk space to reserve for restore point history (figure 2).
First released in early 2003, FolderSizes allows organizations to quickly visualize disk space utilization, identify storage requirement trends, streamline backup sets, and reduce storage ownership costs.
Disk Space Monitor enables the analysis of disk resources so that disk space can be reclaimed through removing redundant data and deleted records.
UnInstaller lets you identify the amount of disk space you want free and then recommends which files to delete.
A pie chart will pop up and show you how much free disk space is left.
When I moved to Washington, DC in 1986 to join an HMO development firm, I sold the TI Portable Pro and took the TI Business Pro, with its large hard disk space (40 MB), ample RAM memory (2 MB), and fast processor (80286).
1 is an 80286 processor, two megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM) and at least 10 MB of disk space for the Windows operating system.
ProtecTIER features Diligent's revolutionary factoring technology HyperFactor, which reduces disk space requirements by a factor of 25 or more.
An easy way to free up disk space on your Mac is to empty the trash.
Besides, I want to have plenty of empty disk space left over - many programs create temporary files, and Windows 95 runs better with lots of blank disk space that it can use as virtual memory.