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(computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk

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As message volumes and file attachments consume gigabytes of disk space, Exchange administrators are left struggling with this onslaught of data.
Clicking on the Settings button lets you control how much disk space to reserve for restore point history (figure 2).
First released in early 2003, FolderSizes allows organizations to quickly visualize disk space utilization, identify storage requirement trends, streamline backup sets, and reduce storage ownership costs.
Disk Space Monitor enables the analysis of disk resources so that disk space can be reclaimed through removing redundant data and deleted records.
I usually upgrade computers because they have become too slow or restricted in RAM or hard disk space, but back then, reliable disk compression utilities were not available.
CleanSweep" makes it easy for Windows users to substantially increase available disk space and improve Windows performance by safely finding and removing outdated, unnecessary or unwanted applications, files or system components.
In some instances, we nearly doubled our customers' available disk space - and it won't cost them a penny more.
Plan V-100 now offers 500MB of disk space and 5GB of monthly file transfer, Plan V-200 offers 1GB of disk space along with 15GB of monthly transfer, while Plan V-300 offers 2GB of disk space along with 30GB of monthly transfer, the company said.
ProtecTIER features Diligent's revolutionary factoring technology HyperFactor, which reduces disk space requirements by a factor of 25 or more.
An easy way to free up disk space on your Mac is to empty the trash.
Besides, I want to have plenty of empty disk space left over - many programs create temporary files, and Windows 95 runs better with lots of blank disk space that it can use as virtual memory.
Upgrades Give Customers More Disk Space and Bandwidth, Plus the Ability to Host Unlimited Websites
Assuming that a snapshot is taken every hour and held for 24 hours, a database with one terabyte of disk space allocated to it would need 25 terabytes of usable disk space (production copy plus 24 snapshots).
RETURN OF THE PHANTOM requires 2 MB of RAM with an EMS driver, and 6-7 MB hard disk space.
This is the Clean Free Disk Space Option allowing one to securely wipe all free disk space or deleted files on the computer.