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(computer science) a portable pack of magnetic disks used in a disk storage device

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The TALON's key feature - its removable disk pack - provides added convenience and allows for enhanced security in data collection applications in command and control environments.
And the opportunity for businesses to simply hand out a disk pack or CD-ROM for customer use opens up a new arena for marketing of a business.
Intergraph's new TDZ-410 RAX and TDZ-610 RAX rack mountable 3D graphics workstation modules with 200 MHz Pentium(R) Pro processors (dual or quad processors, respectively) running Windows NT, and featuring Intergraph's new OpenGL RealiZm(TM) V25 3D graphics accelerator with faster texture-fill rates for increased realism of 3D scenes and a new removable system disk pack for security and easy data exchange.
The GPP includes three components, ordered separately: a license pack, a disk pack, and a documentation pack.
This was followed by punched paper tape, magnetic drums, magnetic disk packs, 8" floppy disks, 5 1/4" floppy disks, 3 1/2" diskettes and USB memory drives.
These mobile media include tape; CD, DVD, and disk; and RAID disk packs, where each meets a different need.
In the threats to traditional documentary materials, one can see several hazards to electronic media, whether "floppy" diskettes from an author's personal computer or a mainframe's mass-storage disk packs and tapes.
The company maintains who off-site vaults, one for storing magnetic media such as computer tapes, disk packs, and floppy disks and another for storing microfilm and microfiche.