disk operating system

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an operating system that is on a disk


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This includes mastering the disk operating system, the basics of the operating environment, and a relatively simple application such as a word processor or desk organizer.
After all, there were only two real options: IBM machines and clones came stacked with Microsoft's Disk Operating System (MSDOS); and Apple's Macintosh had its own patented system.
DOS" rhymes with "Hoss" (the big guy from Bonanza) and stands for Disk Operating System.
0-This is the latest version of the disk operating system and, according to Harris, it improves computing capabilities by increasing memory, adding a feature that recalls the last command the computer executed, offering a more intuitive screen-editing process, and providing immediate help when the user needs it.
The standard disk operating system (DOS) for PCs contains another significant vulnerability in how certain utilities store and copy data.