disk jockey

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a person who announces and plays popular recorded music

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The Disk Jockey works with serial ATA (SATA) devices with the addition of a SATA adapter available via the Diskology web store.
The ability to go beyond static playlist sharing by enabling any user to become a live DJ or disk jockey and webcast their playlists in real-time.
At various times, he worked as a salesman, disk jockey, record company executive, composer, trumpeter and as his father's aide.
announced today that they've shrunk the Disk Jockey, their award winning hard disk duplicator / backup / diagnostic tool.
Diskology's product lineup includes the Disk Jockey(TM), the revolutionary new "Swiss Army Knife" of hard disk copy, backup and diagnostic products and Disk Jockey accessories, including SATA and laptop hard disk adapters.
The Disk Jockey is a "Swiss Army Knife" of a disk diagnostic tool as it includes 7 functions in one hardware product.
I think V-SPAN's technology is very cool and useful; however, it was far beyond my comprehension," said Pierre Robert, WMMR disk jockey.