disk harrow

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a harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle


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Table 1 shows that the circular self-cleaning harrow and the soil preparation machine do not statistically differ in the fuel consumption, whereas the fuel consumption of the disk harrow in comparison with the soil preparation machine and circular self-cleaning harrow does.
Tillage Treatment Sampling Fall Moldboard Plow Fall Chisel Plow No-Till Date Spring Disk Harrow Spring Disk Harrow Depth Mean Std Dev Mean Std Dev Mean Std Dev cm cm/hr cm/hr cm/hr Jul 1987 2.
Disk harrows are one of the most versatile field tools of any kind on a farm.
He said that farmers should utilize Disk Harrow instead of Rotovator to bury the wheat sticks in soil and apply water.
In 1896, he bought a Dayton, Ohio, disk harrow plant, and the struggling Bellevue Plow Co.
The Farm Tools catalog doesn't show a color picture of a cultivator, but it does have a hand-colored illustration of a Roderick Lean disk harrow.
Beside the Bell is a Minni-Mo U and a 3-bottom plow, and beyond that is a Farmall regular on steel wheels pulling a double disk harrow.
The first tractor that I ever drove was a Farmall "Regular" that we used to pull a five disk tiller plow and then finished with a disk harrow about six feet wide.
Tenders are invited for to obtain pricing and a contract for two (2) disk harrows.
Some of the equipments that belong to this category are mould board ploughs, spike, drag and disk harrows, power harrow parts and tillers of several kinds.
The catalog lists both gear and chain driven mowers, grain and corn binders, self-rake reapers, dump rakes, spring, spike-tooth and disk harrows, and field rollers.
Nuts and bolts on Yankee rakes and manure spreaders had to tightened, gears and plow points had to be replaced, disk harrows and cultivators readied, wagon wheels greased, mowing machines updated with new pinion gears.
Ignorant of the Plains drought cycles and driving the steel disk harrows that slashed the Homestead prairie grasses, farmers of the teens and twenties bared their pulverized soil to hot, fierce winds that came in the thirties.
The exhibits will include modern tractors, disk harrows, seeding machines and cultivators that perform cost-effective field operations in compliance with the highest agronomic demands.
com) Sales Promo/Mktg Mgr: Bruce Thiele Products: Wil-Rich--field cultivators, planter bars, harrows, row crop cultivators, sprayers, chisel plows, cutter chisels, moldboard plows, rippers, disk harrows, shredder, seedbed finshers, rolling packers, Ad agency: Flint Communications