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(computer science) a computer file stored on a magnetic disk and identified by a unique label

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The 350 Disk File consisted of a stack of fifty 24-inch disks.
Learnstrings, disk files and HP-IB commands of both the model HP8753D and model HP8752C are backward compatible.
For example, reports can be printed to a printer, screen, disk file, or any combination.
Computers could retract disk file heads to protect stored information.
Being able to download the report to a PC disk file and work on it immediately eliminates the time-consuming and error-producing step of reentering data.
Archive Disk File Modular Cube Units, Weber & Sons, Inc.
The latter tricks the program into plotting to a disk file which the plotter emulation software uses to produce a full high-resolution page.
If the user wants to quote from an article, he or she merely marks the text and sends it to a floppy disk file for later use.
When this is enabled, Redis will "swap" older key values out to a disk file.
Also, overlay plots of different antenna/frequency data (polar or rectangular); data listing; radiation distribution plot; hard copy output; disk file output and probe pattern plots are available.
Furthermore, the program provides a screen snapshot feature which filters out annoying formatting symbols and saves straight text on the screen to a disk file.
The data to be printed are stored on a special hard disk file or in unused RAM and fed to the printer in bursts as needed, freeing the rest of the computer for other operations.
When disk file is selected, ATB and F/S write the output in a pure ASCII format that can be read by most word processors.
The microcomputer then placed the new document onto a disk file in a format that could be read by the spreadsheet program.