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(computer science) a computer file stored on a magnetic disk and identified by a unique label

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The 350 Disk File consisted of a stack of fifty 24-inch disks.
One helpful feature of this emulation package is its ability to route data to a disk file.
Use these disk file units for archival storage of both 3.
The latter tricks the program into plotting to a disk file which the plotter emulation software uses to produce a full high-resolution page.
6 - support for PowerPC architectures, and mixed-endian clusters - support for Mellanox and Voltaire Infiniband - support for multiple network interfaces in a single node - cluster-wide consistent mmap I/O - support for clusters of more than 5,000 nodes and 400 I/O servers - disk file system improvements for faster, more consistent I/O - SNMP integration The next version of Lustre, to be released in late December, will add: - support for Silverstorm Infiniband and Myrinet (GM) - user and group disk quotas - extended attributes - POSIX access control lists
The data to be printed are stored on a special hard disk file or in unused RAM and fed to the printer in bursts as needed, freeing the rest of the computer for other operations.
The microcomputer then placed the new document onto a disk file in a format that could be read by the spreadsheet program.
Diskeeper, with IntelliWrite([R]) technology, prevents fragmentation in the first place, right at its source, the local disk file system.
A primary -- and extremely common -- barrier to performance is disk file fragmentation, in which files are split into pieces (fragments) in order to maximize disk space.
The high-quality output can be saved on a special disk file for producing 35 mm slides or on a graphic's file for presentation in a microcomputer slideshow using Quattro Pro's SlideShow feature.
What many IT personnel may not realize, however, is the impact of disk file fragmentation on virus scan run times.
A prime source of poor performance, however, is disk file fragmentation.