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error resulting from malfunction of a magnetic disk

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Listening to IT professionals, we consistently categorized the top problems during this period as "managing disk space, running out of disk space, hard disk errors, capacity planning, and of course the list always included the ubiquitous backup demon in the number two spot.
As disk capacities grow with each new drive generation and more data is stored online, customers face increased exposure to disk errors and failures, outstripping the capability of conventional parity protection techniques such as RAID5.
0 allows users to fix disk errors and recover lost files or applications natively on Mac OS X.
PCs are more susceptible than ever to viruses, disk errors and other disasters, but unfortunately, users are hesitant to protect their irreplaceable data because the process seems too intimidating," said Mike Hummell, president of Stomp, Inc.
Tiny programs spread from computer to computer and cause malfunctions, from rude messages to disk errors.
In addition to the basic notification that a backup has succeeded or failed, users can create rules based on the amount of available storage space, machine status, disk errors or corruption, and the status of StorageCraft[R] ShadowControl[TM] ImageManager.
Unless IT carefully plans for software faults and disk errors or have automated file system verification in place, backup data stored on RAID may or may not be good when it comes time to restore.
The newly added "Disk Scan" and "Vulnerability Fix" helps scan and fix disk errors and Windows vulnerabilities.
It also improves rotating-disk access speeds and reduces the impact of disk errors on data.
For 18GB drives and highspeed 10,000rpm drives, it is also important to minimize drive vibration to avoid excessive disk errors and time-consuming retries.
These customers use LTMON to provide integrated and centralized management for the complete virtual tape solution with a native mainframe console, including such items as alerts for hard disk errors, capacity reporting, and scratch tape management.
While the system is idle, the System Agent works with the disk utilities to compress data to free up hard disk space and to clean up the hard disk, correcting any disk errors and defragmenting the hard disk.
Disk Failure Management - Fail-over function automatically detects disk errors and avoids failures.
The NUA's data protection and recovery tool allows MIS managers to monitor end-user workstations, check for disk errors and levels of file fragmentation, automatically make repairs and address serious disk errors or performance issues -- all without leaving their desks.
Additional Alarms including various disk errors and software status monitoring.