disk drive

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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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Hitachi's strong growth prospects and widely forecasted double-digit industry growth are among the reasons that Hitachi is investing in additional disk drive and component-related manufacturing capacity.
The device image presented to the operating system appears as a tape drive rather than the physical disk drive which it really is, therefore "virtualizing" the disk making it look like something other than it really is.
In the past decade, the data density for magnetic hard disk drives has increased at a phenomenal pace: doubling every 18 months and, since 1997, doubling every year, which is much faster than the vaunted Moore's Law for integrated circuits.
RAID protects against data loss caused by disk drive failure within an array.
The market for disk drive arrays is continuing the rapid growth pattern established throughout the 1990s, but some segments of the market are clearly more prosperous than others.
RAID systems can usually remain available, even if a single disk drive fails).
Managing the storage inside desktops, workstations and servers in an office can be a daunting task as each computer has its own disk drive containing data that must be backed up, restored and archived.
Schilling: Well, assuming that you could classify disk drive as a target, we're pretty rich with targets with really all drive suppliers having announced support for SAS and, to varying degrees, delivering product or plans to deliver product.