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(computer science) a circuit or chip that translates commands into a form that can control a hard disk drive

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In addition, the SST55VD020 ATA Flash Disk Controller can support up to 64 chip-enables for NAND devices with external decoding logic and drivers.
We basically had that chip and then we had the floppy disk controller as well.
SST also disclosed recently that it will provide its new high-performance ATA Flash Disk Controller to Apacer Technology Inc.
Supporting up to 640 MBytes of memory capacity, SST's ATA Flash Disk Controller is ideal for most embedded applications, such as thin-client systems, digital cameras, MP3 players and other digital consumer products requiring reliable and small footprint mass data storage.
There are only a very few RAID vendors that offer the capability to capture and analyze array performance data at the disk controller level.
Ultra2 SCSI doubles the maximum data throughput rate between the disk controller and disk drive to 80MB/sec per channel from the previous generation SCSI's 40MB/sec.
The NSC55 completely revolutionizes the midrange storage market as the first product in this segment architected with a multi-processor global cache disk controller that can be accessed by any server through a non-blocking crossbar switch.
These range from IC solutions for motherboard and disk controller OEMs to an array of Ultra-ATA & SATA host adapters available through distribution from Ingram Micro and D&H.
Design engineers demonstrated a SAS link sequence that negotiated a 3Gbit/s connection between two fully integrated Hitachi GST hard disk controllers.
Parallel SCSI-based RAID disk controllers on the market today use one of two available methods for generating XOR parity data for RAID levels such as 3 and 5.
FlexFire offers the fastest and most reliable way to incorporate 1394 capabilities into products such as digital cameras, audio/video devices, disk controllers, and other PC peripherals.