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a cache that stores copies of frequently used disk sectors in random access memory (RAM) so they can be read without accessing the slower disk

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Although the greater part of distributions and parameters produced satisfactory results, to describe the service delay produced by the disk cache normal distribution is chosen because it produced the lowest average difference 1.
Solid-state disk cache can offer savings through delaying or avoiding expensive forklift upgrades and data migration by accelerating existing storage and extending its useful life.
A disk cache of 256K is extremely important in lowering the average seek time; a buffer of this size is not hard to find.
As part of ILM, secondary disk cache is being used to stage data before being sent to tape.
TenXpert is a dedicated, standalone, multi-user, Novell, NT and UNIX, CD-ROM network server offering up to 36 GB of hard disk cache that significantly enhances CD library performance.
Archiving solution represents a supply of tape libraries, including the media, to resolve disk cache and ensure uninterruptible server for archiving system, migrating existing archiving software licenses or delivery of a new SW and supply of tape media.
Disk cache provides a major performance benefit and is mandatory for most moderate to high activity subsystems.
Disk cache for fast access to current material is matched to scalable archival tape capacity ranging from 20 cartridges to more than 6000 cartridges in the latest LTO 4 format.
Companies can reuse a single external disk cache across the entire networked storage infrastructure.
At $3,695 for 10 CD-ROMs on-line, complete and ready to plug into an ethernet hub, with a 2 gigabyte dedicated hard disk cache and TenXpert-2 hardware server, the TenXpert-2/10p sets a new standard in the networked CD-ROM appliance market.
With more than 20 years of experience in mass storage technology, the company's Network Migrator software provides superior data archive functionality while automatically moving data between fast access disk cache technology and Prostor's InfiniVault.
Disk and tape hybrids: Tape libraries are still very much in the picture, and are responding to disk-to-disk's speed by presenting tape library back-ends with fast disk cache front-ends.
or into a browsable disk cache, allowing content providers and
UpTempo's powerful disk cache helps optimize system resource utilization by applying processor and memory resources to the I/O bottleneck problem.