disk brake

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hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to both sides of a spinning disk by the brake pads

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in the commercialization of its full contact disk brake for the North American and European heavy vehicle market".
XP500 TMAX has a four stroke CVT engine (500cc), fuel injection, double disk brakes for the front wheels, radial tires that minimize tread wear, and light weight wheels.
The new factory is scheduled to begin operations in April 2008, producing main components for disk brakes, the company said.
New from Dover Flexo Electronics is its anti-squeal friction pads for pneumatic dual disk brakes.
Though semimetallic materials have been substituted for asbestos in front disk brakes, they provide less traction when new.
The Evader line has real scooter disk brakes up front and the entire construction reflects a conscious choice to buy decent fittings, so sitting on one is exactly like sitting on any of the current gas bikes.
This partnership enables WABCO to offer its latest-design air disk brakes with competitive advantages such as robust single-piston technology, light-weight design, and high performance at lowest weight to Fuwa and other commercial vehicle manufacturers," said Wu Zhiqiang, President of Fuwa.