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Synonyms for disjunct

progressing melodically by intervals larger than a major second

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having deep constrictions separating head, thorax, and abdomen, as in insects

marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements


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used of distributions, as of statistical or natural populations

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In denying DRD, I am committed to denying Liberal Transmission as well; I am claiming that you can have a reason to bring about the truth of a disjunction without having any particular reasons to bring about the truth of each of the disjuncts, even though either action would be sufficient to bring about the truth of the disjunction.
This is because your wide-scope reason to make it the case that a disjunction is true need not arise from, or be accompanied by, any particular reasons for making either of the disjuncts true; it would still be true even if the only reason you have is some reason not to both (not A & not B).
Although there are no obvious morphological characters that consistently distinguish eastern from western disjuncts of Sarracenia alata (Sheridan, 1991), various leaf color forms among individual populations occur.
Because this species occurs in two widely separated disjuncts, molecular divergence, as evidenced by phylogenetic distinction, may have occurred.
The decline of eastern hemlock is consistent with the contagion hypothesis of range collapse, and disjunct eastern hemlock populations near the southern boundary of the species may not be extirpated because of their geographic isolation.
However, dispersal of the HWA to disjunct eastern hemlock populations has not been discussed.
Other rarities of the community include Pitcher's stichwort (Arenaria patula--SE), kitten tails (Besseya bullii--SE), and disjunct occurrences of post oak (Quercus stellata), aromatic aster (Symphiotrichum oblongifolium (Nutt.
In committing to this project, I tried to trace not only the disjuncts in politics, humanitarian aid, and academia but those I create--it is a tracing of the violence I too am complicit in but it is also my responsibility to 'the other that calls us before our will' (Spivak 2003).
This project came about from my own experience struggling with a disjunct between two crucial conversations within the academy.
9) How many disjuncts must be true for a general interest like "being satisfied enough by my lights" to be true is pretty vague.
For each disjunct in the antecedent of B2, having interest ISP preserved entails that the disjunct is false.
Tiquilia (Boraginaceae): implications for the origins of amphitropical disjuncts and Galapagos Islands endemics.
The disjuncts are intended to be both disjoint and exhaustive.
Itea has generally been viewed as a classic eastern North American-eastern Asian disjunct taxon (Li, 1952; Wu, 1983; Wen, 1999; Guo & Ricklefs, 2000), with evidence from fossils suggesting that its geographical distribution was likely relictual from a Paleogene to Neogene Northern Hemisphere distribution that included at least Europe and eastern North America (e.