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Synonyms for disjunct

progressing melodically by intervals larger than a major second

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having deep constrictions separating head, thorax, and abdomen, as in insects

marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements


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used of distributions, as of statistical or natural populations

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Similarly, jurors agree that the explanation green or yellow is better than red when they each think that (1) the disjunction as a whole, (2) the same one of its disjuncts, or (3) a combination of (1) and (2) is better than the alternative.
Established disjunct species evidence diaspore movement and provide a baseline for assessing the frequency of dispersal but this baseline recognizably fails to reflect dispersal with precision.
9) Emphasizers enter the partnership with non-gradable expressions and, in a way, are similar to intensifiers in that they add to the force of its partner and even to disjuncts by commenting on the utterance.
However, although the truth of the disjunction in Static-A (DNF) is token-independent, the truth of each of its disjuncts is token-dependent and, for any token of the disjunction, only one of the disjuncts is true.
Because this species occurs in two widely separated disjuncts, molecular divergence, as evidenced by phylogenetic distinction, may have occurred.
However, dispersal of the HWA to disjunct eastern hemlock populations has not been discussed.
1, Table 2), extending the range of the Plateau disjunct some 45 km eastward towards the Tennessee valley.
Let q be ~ p, and suppose that p = 1/2, r = 1/2, and s = 1 Then, p [disyuncion] q = 1, being one of those disjunctions that are true when both disjuncts are indeterminate.
In committing to this project, I tried to trace not only the disjuncts in politics, humanitarian aid, and academia but those I create--it is a tracing of the violence I too am complicit in but it is also my responsibility to 'the other that calls us before our will' (Spivak 2003).
Disjuncts and conjuncts are definitely a universal indicator of an essay's quality, independent of its topic.
9) The interest is thwarted only when all the disjuncts are false.
A DSR is called Horn if it consists of zero or more disjuncts of the form [x.
Since each image computation in a fixpoint iteration is essentially a pre- or postcondition computation, the number of disjuncts in the DNF representations may increase very quickly in the presence of if-then-else branches and loops.
Differences in the objects of thought can be multiplied indefinitely by adding disjuncts to (Q).
The definition can be explained by answering two questions: (a) why are there two disjuncts, each sufficient, neither necessary for arthood?