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serving or tending to divide or separate


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As noted earlier, the judicially created economic substance doctrine included two prongs--business purpose and economic substance--which courts applied conjunctively, disjunctively, or as a factors test.
How do we navigate disjunctively through time and still manage to create convincing works of art?
Marketing Group court read the provision disjunctively to apply the
They also consider aspects of standardisation against the background of reuse, sharing of resources, and possible adaptation for use by other disjunctively written South African Bantu languages.
This implies the psychics' concurrent access to a paranormal source of information--be it the spirit world or their parapsychological abilities--is yielding information of such a pressing and vital kind that routine conversational procedures for topic change can be abandoned and the utterance delivered disjunctively to the focus of immediately prior talk.
Imagination and authority need not be disjunctively posed in the life of faith.
The court had to determine whether Congress meant to use the word "and" conjunctively or disjunctively If a conjunctive interpretation was intended, the tax would be imposed only if the charges were computed based on the time and the distance of the calls.
If the fatherly body existed," he writes, "it would join the male progenitor to his heirs; since it does not, they can be joined only disjunctively, through the testimony of the mother-wife and in the abstract, corporate 'body' of the lineage-group .
65) While, in the context of the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, there has been some debate as to whether the "and" is to be read disjunctively or conjunctively, both the Human Rights Committee, the authoritative interpretative body of the Covenant, and leading commentators are of the view that the word is to be read in the former manner.
The only mention of habitat protection concerned the wood duck and eider duck, which disjunctively offered the alternative to closing
To view these verbs disjunctively, to consider them as separate activities --keeping arms in the home as a private right and bearing them in the militia as a communal responsibility--is ridiculous in his mind.
74) The court agreed, reasoning that under the canons of statutory construction, it was obliged to "give effect to Congress' use of the word `or' by reading the terms `knowledge' and `consent' disjunctively.
Polymorphous set: A set which can be disjunctively characterized by several different, alternative collections of various features.