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serving or tending to divide or separate


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Likewise, Rae also trusts a bit too much in the frame of nationalism itself, as he doesn't discuss how the disjunctive poet's novel in Canada compares to novels from international poets such as those by Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, D.
Thus, for example, the expression nine hundred ninety-five or a thousand is much less likely to occur as a DNE (or for that matter as an ordinary disjunctive expression) than, say, fifteen or twenty.
The Palestinian Peoples' "claim" to your own Land arguably becomes irrelevant because of the use of the disjunctive word "or" as explained above.
This tends to suggest that he views tradition, faith, and transcendence as three discrete, even disjunctive, elements of experience.
advocates is exceedingly thematic, conceptual, and ideational, without attending to the rhetoric of the text that is at many points disjunctive and "odd" in ways that do not permit easy theological conclusion.
He thus is particularly interested in voice-overs, dance films with distinct "immobilizations," film allusions, and various other sorts of disjunctive juxtapositioning.
Example 10: Company M develops a disjunctive trade dress for a line of industrial products, embodying size, texture, graphics, color combination and total image.
As built, perhaps the most delicate design problem has been to bring the disjunctive north and south facades together.
For a piece that already borders on the disjunctive, Toradze's approach made it more so.
the idea that disjunctive accents invariably bisect the cantillatory phrase; and 2) to replace these dichotomies with systems of almost-equal-rank "near" and "remote" subordinate segments (pp.
Moreover, the bill's other tests, while borrowed from section 530, are conjunctive rather than disjunctive.
Unlike description-logic-based reasoners, codex uses powerful disjunctive logic functionality for reasoning on OWL-based ontologies and is capable of working with partial data to discover any possible solutions to a problem.
Her works' aggressive intrusion of torn, disjunctive patches of space into sheer, unifying mass, for example, seems to turn inside out the tamped-down classical conventions typical of the 1930s in which she was formed.
The rise of Medical Jurisprudence in the nineteenth century is ignored, though it may have had more to do with the development of a psychological discipline than anything accomplished by Wundt and his studies of disjunctive reaction time.
Finally, Kim repeats his oft expressed point that special science laws would be disjunctive laws, but disjunctive laws are unprojectible, so they cannot be genuine laws (307).