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Synonyms for disjunction

Synonyms for disjunction

the act of breaking a connection

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But the four disjunctions now require the yet further step of calling together not one but a set of such teams of scholars from the world's major centers of Catholic learning in a uniquely broad network.
k] consisting of formulas being disjunctions between formulas from [A.
A switch made at this age could handle not only the disjunction in weight, but also a similar, annoying disjunction in height [see the height and weight centiles in Figure 2].
or two is a DNE, the subphrase or two is in construction with the indefinite article an, and not with the phrase an hour, since DNEs must be disjunctions of numerals, not of nonnumeral phrases.
B, respectively, when A [not equal to] ii [conjunction] V [not equal to] ii, I can collapse both conjunctions and both disjunctions above in another four-valued logic by dropping--and redefine a four-valued implication and equivalence, if presume that there is no inconsistency.
Haviland, who argues against the tendency of historians to gloss over disjunctions (p.
Guillaume Griffin, partnering Herrera, has not quite got the hang of Balanchine's knotty torso-hip disjunctions but otherwise dances with control and refinement.
underlies the ways we construct the so-called normal and the aberrant, and the ways we explain disjunctions between the two.
Miliauskaite relies instead on structural contiguity of image, disjunctions of language, changing verb tenses, and quick shifts of focus and attention to define her poetic world.
The disjunction between inner and outer that Beckwith finds in Kempe's Book is the very product and expression of the discursive disjunctions that operate in Kempe's culture.
Included in this category are logical implications, disjunctions (inclusive or exclusive) that are not preceded by the sign of negation, and conjunctions that are preceded by the sign of negation.
Insurgent citizenship; disjunctions of democracy and modernity in Brazil.
Some of the best sections are the accounts of the human cost that underlay the construction of Brasilia a capital city that reflects all too well the tremendous disjunctions in Brazilian society--and the efforts to create self-build housing co-operatives in Sao Paulo.
Incidentally, it's never a question I've faced with Rosenquist, whose early spatial manipulations depend on a "paste-up" sense of tangibly layered and cut-through collage elements, and whose more recent disjunctions stem from a kind of warping that's anathema to Koons's insistence on photographic "objectivity.
The Progenitor," a language-intense story by Brian Evenson, is almost a cubist painting in words, the disjunctions Evenson creates between his and normal vocabulary-usage underscoring the consequences of the unthinking acceptance of legacies.