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Synonyms for disjunction

Synonyms for disjunction

the act of breaking a connection

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It is this disjunction that allows the works in this exhibition to raise their demands and showcase their innermost convictions.
If the result of solving the problem is FALSE, it means that all parts of the disjunction normal form (DNF) for any values of variables occurring in them are false, i.
Dpq]; the principle of the exclusion of the subcontrary co-falsity if they cannot be false simultaneously and from the same point of view, but they can be simultaneously true, thus satisfying the disjunction matrix: A[F.
Kim's famous rejoinder is that if, say, pain is identical with a disjunction of several physical types, then why cannot pain, according to the principle of the indiscernibility of identicals, be itself considered a disjunction of several types?
Citation and Precedent: Conjunctions and Disjunctions of German Law and Literature.
The first disjunction regards the seekers who launch out beyond the church, often in search of seemingly more authentic but perhaps less conscious paths to God.
Burgess rejects the co-analytic implication view because any objection to disjunction introduction on Gricean grounds can be countered by Gricean means (102-3) and because disjunction introduction is indispensible to mathematical practice (103).
In particular, for any event e, we should have a "conjunction" instead of a disjunction.
This kind of disjunction between what we say and what we do exists in all human institutions.
For the conjunction-disjunction case applies: if a disjunction value is certain to that extent that it can not reach better position (Step 1 above) in the parent conjunction (thus can not reach higher weight, see Step 3), then it is worthless to elicit facts that would precise the disjunction value.
Anthropologists mostly from Europe and the US emphasize disjunction rather than continuity in the human past, and abrupt rather than gradual change--at least at the archaeological scale.
Garland's model is summarized by the acronym DINOMIT, which stands for the progressive phases of cancer development: disjunction (loss of intercellular communication), initiation (in which genetic mutations begin to be involved), natural selection of the most rapidly reproducing cancer cells, overgrowth, metastasis, and two dormant states known as involution and transition.
Coupled with results of phylogenetic analyses and molecular dating, the South Pacific disjunction of Oreomyrrhis is clearly a result of recent long-distance dispersal, most likely during the late Pliocene to the early Pleistocene.
Excluded middle is the principle according to which any disjunction of a sentence and its negation is true.
A switch made at this age could handle not only the disjunction in weight, but also a similar, annoying disjunction in height [see the height and weight centiles in Figure 2].