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lacking order or coherence

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110, and played the episodic last two movements as storytelling - a play in many acts with its disjointedness made elegant by their urbane approach.
The disjointedness of knowledge, then, does not plague liberalism in the way that it plagues statist ideologies; indeed, it bolsters liberalism.
One aspect I didn't like was the disjointedness of the songs; they did not flow in an order or sequence, very mismatched at times.
For a man self-admittedly obsessed by control, there was a disjointedness to the show which at times became frustrating.
recall the angularity and disjointedness of the Pre-Raphaelite body,
However, within the context of Anderson's hypothesis on the interrelationship between the disjointedness of history and cosmology and the emergence of nationalist sentiments, it is interesting to see this rupture delineated not only in the replacement of history by mythology, but also by the poet's use of an apocalyptic tone.
These items are very informative but give the collection a feeling of disjointedness where the case studies could have told the entire story.
What if all our order is, as Aldous Huxley insisted, just our way of using words to "suppress[] and distort[] the truth" to "protect our sensitivities and preserve our self-esteem;" (80) and all Dylan's disjointed connections are what's real because in the end, all the disjointedness is really part of a same, single picture: it is our world just beyond our comprehension?
To this sense of disorientation, a perception of disjointedness is associated, which derives from the great heterogeneity of tasks and assignments that sometimes "have nothing to do with each other, are two different planets".
Many of my Sudanese friends fought for excess and spoke about their Romantic environment without fear of disjointedness or pretentiousness or cliche or embellishment of the truth or self-aggrandisement.
We'll have the usual disjointedness played out in a funereal atmosphere accompanied by excuses galore about players having been away for the World Cup.
doctrinal disjointedness that will persist as long as the courts combine
When there have been significant numbers of new people arriving in neighbourhoods, perhaps not able to speak the same language as those living there, on occasions not really wanting or even willing to integrate, that has created a kind of discomfort and disjointedness in some neighbourhoods.
82) on a fundamental level of his human existence, further complicating his disjointedness.
Making a leap from my experiences with the military and my college experiences is jarring in nature and reflective of the feelings of culture shock and disjointedness I experienced as I transitioned to Florida to begin my university education.