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Synonyms for disjoint

to become or cause to become apart one from another

Synonyms for disjoint

separate at the joints

make disjoint, separated, or disconnected

become separated, disconnected or disjoint


Related Words

having no elements in common

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2] space, a point and disjoint vg-compact subspace can be separated by disjoint vg-open sets.
Let y [member of] C then for x [not equal to] y in X, there exist disjoint vg-open neighborhoods [G.
2]] space, a point and disjoint compact [resp: nearly-compact; v-compact; semi-compact; g-compact; rg-compact; sg-compact] subspace can be separated by disjoint vg-open sets;
ii) Let (x, y) [not member of] G(f) [right arrow] y [not equal to] f(x) [right arrow] [there exists] disjoint vg-open sets V and W [contains as member] f(x) [member of] V and y [member of] W.
c] Thus p(U), p(V) are disjoint and also vg-open in X/R since p is vg-open.
alpha]], x [not equal to] y there exist disjoint open sets [I.
c) implies (a): Let A and B be disjoint closed sets.
Whether or not such a connection ultimately becomes established and accepted by medical scientists, it seems clear, in any event, that complementary but disjoint literatures are worth seeking; in principle they hold the potential for stimulating the process of scientific discovery.
Then the (unintended) implication that X causes Z might be known to no one at all, but it is discoverable by any third party who assembles the two complementary but disjoint premises.
Citation and cocitation patterns finally must be analyzed to determine whether the discovered complementary literatures are in fact disjoint (Swanson, 1989a, 1989b).
Complementary structures in disjoint science literatures.
Since a and c are distinct points of X, there exist disjoint v--open sets [U.
Thus G and X - U are disjoint v--open sets containing x and y respectively.
2] there exists disjoint v--open sets U; V in X such that x [member of] U, y [member of] V and U [intersection] V = [phi].
2] space, a point and disjoint v--compact subspace can be separated by disjoint v--open sets.