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  • verb

Synonyms for disjoin

to become or cause to become apart one from another

Synonyms for disjoin

make disjoint, separated, or disconnected

become separated, disconnected or disjoint


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Disjoining the ideal from the actual can translate, as we have seen, into violence.
Disjoining pressure between the surfaces decreases and causes a decrease in the volume of the paste as the spacing of the particles in the gel is reduced.
The subjunctive mood, in particular, reflects both the (thematic) tension between the desire for transcendence and the rejection of the divine, and the (linguistic) joining and disjoining of the two terms (i.
Image blocking performs the mining on each of the disjoining blocks partitioned from an image.
How is the dividing and disjoining break--more a disconnect between the ivory tower and life than an in-between of the two--to be understood?
487), raising doubtless inappropriate misgivings about the contemporary dexterity in generating complexity ('specularity', 'interiority', 'instantiation', 'autological', 'metaleptic', 'hypodiegesis'), while, on the other hand, the one-page treatment of Kleist's Verlobung seems to evade problems, in part by disjoining the narrative from the authorial voice.
The major cause of cracking from plastic shrinkage is thought to be development of tensile stress as water evaporates from the surface of the concrete, leaving the capillaries partially filled and creating a disjoining pressure due to surface tension.
Where indeed did they set them in, disjoining the ankles?
The sonic character of the "Ode to a Nightingale" holds out to us the tenuous possibility of being submerged in a wild joining and disjoining of our cultural legacy, proffering an epistemological risk that pays off in the ambiguous capital of moments of imaginative transport that arrive only at greater uncertainties.
Such solid testimonials to a cognitively impregnated prosody, however, could not forestall an unconscious tendency in critical discussion to revive the neoclassical form-content split by disjoining poetic words from their meanings.
A free film has three pressures that can act on it--internal bubble pressure, van der Waals disjoining pressure, and electrostatic disjoining pressure [28-30].
Even if it should be true (though it may be disputed, in music as well as literature) that, once we recognize particular literary and musical artworks (however we do that), they may be treated allographically, that goes no distance toward disjoining the allographic from the autographic.
I seize, without disjoining them, and haste To a bed of roses hated by the shade That spill their perfumes in the sun and fade Like our frolic, squandering the day.
But in mei-S332 flies, "you can see the sisters prematurely disjoining," says Orr-Weaver.