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  • verb

Synonyms for disjoin

to become or cause to become apart one from another

Synonyms for disjoin

make disjoint, separated, or disconnected

become separated, disconnected or disjoint


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First is to partition into n number of disjoining blocks {[P.
I think that negativity may be partly conceptualised in terms of spatial relations such as BLOCKAGE or RESISTANCE, LESS rather than MORE, OUTSIDE rather than INSIDE a container or bounded area, DISJOINING rather than CONJOINING, SPLIT TING rather than COMBINING, etc.
I seize, without disjoining them, and haste To a bed of roses hated by the shade That spill their perfumes in the sun and fade Like our frolic, squandering the day.
But in mei-S332 flies, "you can see the sisters prematurely disjoining," says Orr-Weaver.
The students had fun with their faces, adding things, coloring the copies, cutting, adjusting, disjoining and adding magazine faces.
The micro-particles in FracSolv utilize the mechanism of disjoining pressure once the micro-particles encounter a discontinuous phase.
The stability of liquid films is affected by a combination of the adhesion between the fiber surface and the liquid film, Laplace pressure and the disjoining pressure of the film," noted Dr.
A free film has three pressures that can act on it--internal bubble pressure, van der Waals disjoining pressure, and electrostatic disjoining pressure [28-30].
The van der Waals disjoining pressure comes from the interaction between the molecules within the film.
When a stabilizing disjoining pressure is taken into account, [PHI] > 0, dispersive modes are also present for [[GAMMA].
The film continues to thin slowly until disjoining pressure effects cause the film to reach an equilibrium thickness or until it turns solid-like due to a dramatic rise in viscosity from solvent evaporation.
SL] is the thermodynamic work of adhesion defined as the work of disjoining the liquid-solid interface.