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deprive of status or authority

reduce or dispose of

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Last year's disinvestments were enough for Carrefour to lower its debt level, Friday's interview said.
The present government has made a policy statement that all disinvestments would only be minority disinvestments via Public Offers.
Historically, majority disinvestments have been typically made to strategic partners.
In order to attract more investors, Balachander suggests that the government should give a discount of 5-10 per cent to retail investors in the disinvestment process.
New Delhi, Oct 19 (ANI): The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) today gave its approval for disinvestment of five percent paid up equity capital of National thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), out of Government's shareholding, in the domestic market through book building process.
Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said that part of the disinvestment in both the cases would be offered to the employees of the two public sector companies.
The disinvestment proposal was approved at a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dr.
The company was facing financial crunch and Patel had forwarded the disinvestment proposal to the cabinet.
The 60-PSU Plan Having burnt its fingers in the last stint when several proposed disinvestments did not finally take place, the UPA is following a more cautious approach.
For the remaining two months of this financial year, four disinvestments can still happen (see box, The Line-up Up To March).
The most important of these is Arun Shourie, the minister for disinvestment, as privatization is known in India.
Companies will start announcing disinvestments, the chambers of commerce will start squealing like trained seals the Alliance party can be counted on to begin piling on as much as possible, and Paul Martin will be squirming.
The financial shortfall facing the Trust is of such a magnitude that it will require major service re-engineering and disinvestments in order to deliver a balanced budget, " he said.
Chairman Hilary Stevens said: "Words like re-engineering and disinvestments could mean we stop to deliver some services.
Analysis of just this "subset" of disinvestments is justified since, according to figures compiled by the Investor Responsibility Research Center of Washington, D.