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the withdrawal of capital from a country or corporation

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The government has budgeted to raise ` 69,500 crore through disinvestment this fiscal.
Tactically, I have not put the disinvestment part in the speech.
Disinvestment was registered with the Offshore financial centres (-41 bn).
The Finance Minister said that the disinvestment of PSEs shall be carried out preferably through strategic partnership and directed the Privatization Commission to develop a strategy to balance the competing objectives of maximizing benefits to the country while ensuring the protection of rights of employees of PSEs.
The disinvestment would be carried in a conducive environment where investment can flourish and transparency is visible, he said.
Commercial banks in India are in the race to manage disinvestment by IOC.
The protests were a turning point in the fight against apartheid, igniting international condemnation of the South African regime, and Tutu's drive for disinvestment helped weaken the country's economy and place it under increasing pressure to change.
The Government started to deregulate the areas of its operation and subsequently the disinvestment in public sector enterprises was announced.
However, the recent sale of Hindustan Copper shares has given more a kick than a start to the process of disinvestment.
Disinvestment is going to be a manifestation of how supportive the markets are.
7 billion in net disinvestment in the petroleum sector compared to a net disinvestment of only $31.
The government expects to mop-up Rs 977 crore from the 10 per cent disinvestment in state-run Engineers India Limited (EIL).
Last week, disinvestment secretary Sumit Bose had said that Engineers India disinvestment is likely to take place by the middle of July.
While Unite/CPHVA welcomed the investments made in children's centres, it highlighted disinvestment in the health visiting service.
Summary: After several deaths and rebirths, disinvestment is back as a big-ticket reform.