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deprive of status or authority

reduce or dispose of

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After our expose, one NHS trust is now considering disinvesting in companies that fund the arms trade and putting the money in less controversial stocks and shares.
businesses and investors weigh a return to investment and operations in South Africa, one might consider the effect the withdrawal or disinvestment from South Africa of the 1980s had on the rates of return of the disinvesting firms.
While Iran has been claiming great success in attracting foreign investors, the annual reports from Eurostat, the EU statistical agency, have shown that the EU member states, now numbering 27, have actually been disinvesting, that is, pulling more money out of Iran than they have been putting into it in recent years.
Disinvesting students from these versions of history can be difficult.
But according to a report just released by Dr Paul Bennell of the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, British manufacturers are disinvesting, and there is little evidence to suggest that the same is not true of other Western industrialists.
Louisiana, Ohio, and Texas, as well as some municipalities, have passed laws requiring disinvesting companies to financially compensate abandoned communities and municipalities.
We appear to be the only modern nation on earth disinvesting in our future, but counting on our kids to bail us out of our failures and investments in the past," Shafronth told the subcommittee in a prepared statement.
The "Wall Street Rule" of disinvesting ownership rather than challenging management had become a norm of necessity.
Identify which product sectors your target client base is investing in, and disinvesting from, to see the important shifts in investment behaviour
The Finance Minister urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce to sensitize foreign investors about the opportunities available in Pakistan as the government rolls its programme of disinvesting Public Sector Entities.
Muscat Oman has no intention of disinvesting in power distribution as the country's topography makes it difficult for private companies to cope, according to National Economy Minister Ahmad Bin Abdul Nabi Macki.
THE Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs ( CCEA) on Thursday gave its nod for disinvesting 10 per cent of the government's stake in Engineers India Ltd ( EIL) in the domestic market through a followon public offering ( FPO).
There can be really no objection to disinvesting upto 51 per cent.
THE views of war veterans like Cllr Colbert are crucial to the debate about disinvesting Merseyside pension funds from the arms trade (Debate, Dec 4) just as sailors' contributions informed the public about the slave trade in the 18th century.