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deprive of status or authority

reduce or dispose of

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The fund had disinvested all its positions in Greek and Cypriot stock by early 2010, according to Gialeli.
Over recent decades, the state of Oregon has disinvested in higher education.
The company disinvested the facility last year, for concentration on its core operation.
This means that the disinvested assisted housing that frustrated cities and housing authorities and fostered crime and blight can now be included in comprehensive neighborhood revitalization efforts.
Many schemes have, quite sensibly, disinvested from equities in an attempt to match their assets to their liabilities.
It is not going to be privatized or disinvested completely.
Once the epicenter of Chicago's Black literary and arts community but then disinvested and marginalized.
We have been fairly successful in our campaigning and the churches and most charities have now disinvested from such companies.
Payments are made each year through a combination of investment returns, the original lump sum being disinvested and so-called birthday units that are allocated to people each year and are made up of the funds of previous holders who have died being redistributed.
Bus depots and other facilities that contribute to poor air quality are disproportionately sited in low-income neighborhoods; aging schools with maintenance problems and poorly maintained housing stock in disinvested communities are also frequent sources of mold, lead, and vermin, exacerbating asthma and environmental allergies, especially in children.
Over the same period, EUl1 investors disinvested a total of [epsilon]222 billion.
Browner has massively disinvested in enforcement," says one former high-level EPA official.
Yaqub, Governor, State Bank of Pakistan informed the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Finance and Economic Affairs that the financial system has much liquidity for the privatisation of smaller units but sufficient tim e may be given for privatising bigger units like UBL However, Chairman Privatisation Commission, Khawaja Mohammad Asif, disclosed that all NCB's including NBP, HBL, UBL, NIT and ICP would be disinvested by March 1998.
Thus, even though the event study looks at the portfolio of firms that disinvested rather than at individual securities, all firms would experience this change in risk so that it would not be diversified away in the portfolio composition.
Retirees, government employees and auto assembly line workers, through their pension plans, are buying the bulk of properties disinvested by the Japanese,'' said Jack Rodman, director of Pacific Rim practice for the E&Y Kenneth Leventhal Group in Los Angeles.