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In disinterring it he destroyed what was left of Troy.
What is the point, apart from money for a number, of disinterring old bones?
Panicked Cameron is suddenly disinterring a married couples tax allowance.
He sets up a nice contrast between the "reverential disinterring of musical masterpieces" (p.
Chartrand pleaded guilty in December to disinterring a body.
But the idea that in 20 years' time the Grand National will be a contest between 40 Red Rums is a touch far-fetched, although Aintree have already mounted a 24-hour guard by the winning post to prevent any enterprising Scouser from disinterring the great horse from his resting place.
Bush, a man with a strong political interest in disinterring the secrets of his predecessor, may shed yet fresh light on at least two of the central mysteries of the Taliban which this book attempts to address," Griffin writes.
Perhaps out of prudence, Carvajal did not specify for her order's theoretical members the kind of activities which occupied most of her own as well as her actual companions' time; these activities included the consolation and instruction of imprisoned Catholics and other social outcasts, the disinterring of the drawn and quartered bodies of executed Catholics and the surreptitious forwarding of those "relics" to Catholic lands, and the teaching of Catholic dogma to anyone sent to her for instruction, as well as anyone on the street who would listen.
We will now, with due ceremony, be disinterring them and then reburying them with the honours which they so thoroughly deserve after all this time.