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the act of digging something out of the ground (especially a corpse) where it has been buried

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There are however, a wide variety of laws and regulations relating to archaeological excavation, including excavation or disinterment of human remains.
An additional example from the same time period that illustrates the role of community associations in the process of shipping bones back to Hong Kong and China for reburial is highlighted in media reporting about the disinterment of some 800 deceased Chinese from Los Angeles cemetery graves in July 1937, coordinated by the local Ning Yung Association and officially assisted by the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles where, interestingly, my grandfather, Yi-seng Kiang, served as consul from 1934 to 1937.
Though his grandfather directly asks him what they will do with the coffin once they dig it up, and Oskar replies that they will fill it with something, his approach to this conundrum before the disinterment is straightforward and matter-of-fact.
The disinterment and reinterment of the dead was a particularly angst-ridden affair, and in their account of the TVA's Norris Dam during the 1930s, McDonald and Muldowny argue that at the outset the TYA took "a rather unilateral and high-handed position on grave removal" (122).
Brinton not only convinced the soldiers to agree to the disinterment, but to carry out the act themselves: "the comrades of the dead soldier solemnly decided that I should have the bone for the good of the country, and in a body they marched out and dug up the body.
45) The disinterment of iwi kupuna is extremely distressing for many Native Hawaiians.
However, while such attention is useful and certainly practical at the level of service provision and social policy, we need to be mindful of the ideological weight that might accompany the isolation of specific forms of violence and their disinterment from the complex of violence (from the interpersonal to the socio-political).
It read: "All of the abovenamed family members support this petition" and added "the proposed disinterment and re-interment of the deceased being in accordance with the deceased's family's wishes, and having been deemed feasible by the relevant local authority, Warrant to disinter and re-inter should be granted as first craved.
Among these themes are the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, burial and disinterment, the vanished lives and traditions captured in photographs and letters and the way such documents are received and interpreted.
19) However, whereas in the tale of the pot of basil this initial revelation leads to two further uncoverings (Lisabetta's disinterment of Lorenzo's body, and the brothers' later "uprooting" of the now horribly decomposed head), in "Feina feta," as I mention above, no further unearthing quite literally--will occur.
According to the report, Chile's Communist Party had requested for the disinterment of Neruda's remains as the poet was also a leftist politician and would have been a strong voice in exile against Pinochet's regime.
Construction worker Ahmad Yousef, 31, who stopped to watch the disinterment, said: "This is wrong.
The Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported that the disinterment process has been accompanied with military protocols and will that the body shall be re-buried accompanied with military protocol away from the eye of the mass media.
The second was the first disinterment I participated in, when we opened the coffin of a young woman and I witnessed her remains, the unique construction of bones that make the foundation of our bodies.
A management plan may include disinterment or preservation in place.