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Synonyms for disinterested

Synonyms for disinterested

feeling or showing no strong emotional involvement

lacking interest in one's surroundings or worldly affairs

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unaffected by self-interest

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Curren's ambit of moral judgement is realised when moral values and judgements are considered disinterestedly, that is to say, without regard to personal advantage or gain; it is when she applies universal standards that have resulted from her intimate involvement with pain such as Rosa Burger did in Gordimer's Burger's Daughter.
As Nock (1996) put it, "State power has an unbroken record of inability to do anything efficiently, economically, disinterestedly or honestly; yet when the slightest dissatisfaction arises over any exercise of social power, the aid of the agent least qualified to give aid is immediately called for" (p.
In walks Katie, who looks up disinterestedly, and says, "Time for dinner, Dad," and walks away.
Before Venables arrived Boksic started just eight of 17 games and while he chipped in five goals - including memorable braces in Boro's only wins up to then at Coventry and Southampton - he drifted disinterestedly through games But afterwards he was galvanised and started to justify the hype and his wages.
The context here, of course, is the apparent overwhelmingly negative view of the language professed by northern Protestants--Malcolm cites a 2001 survey by Co-operation Ireland that reveals that 87 percent view Irish disinterestedly, and an earlier 1999 poll by Northern Ireland Life and Times indicates that 80 percent opposed bilingual road signs.
He reacted disinterestedly when told of Ricky Ponting's suggestion that Australia could claim the series 5-0 last week and was similarly unmoved by Pakistan Farhat lbw b Swann Hameed c Swann b Butt c Collingwood b Yousuf b Anderson Ali run out Akmal not out Akmal lbw b Swann Amir not out Extras Total 6 wkts (41.
7) That Deseine and De Brosses were both outsiders could be used to detract from their interpretation of the picture, but it could also be argued that they responded disinterestedly to it, unfettered by the repetitions of those who had compiled earlier inventories.
Ibn Sad's tabaqat work, for instance, does not disinterestedly report the activities of early Muslims; it argues and attempts to demonstrate that Muslims of the first generations were doing what the mythology of the pristine early community (7) requires them to have been doing: recording hadith and transmitting it, asking each other about precedents, and reproaching those who disregarded this authentic religious knowledge.
Cerimon's speech, together with the remarks made by his followers, presents him as someone who can disinterestedly restore nature.
96) The offense of commercial bribery and breach of duty to act disinterestedly is defined so broadly as to include both an employee soliciting a $10 bribe to give an undeserved discount to a customer, as well as an employee accepting a $10,000 bribe to award a large contract to an undeserving contractor.
37) Hope thus approaches God not disinterestedly as goodness itself, but self-interestedly as something that the person can benefit from and participate in--that is, as the human good.
After all, it's no good having a sport that the purist can admire if the rest of the world simply watches disinterestedly as it goes down the pan.
Imperial rulers would improve their character only by acting disinterestedly.
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