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Synonyms for disinterested

Synonyms for disinterested

feeling or showing no strong emotional involvement

lacking interest in one's surroundings or worldly affairs

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unaffected by self-interest

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From a demographic standpoint the disinterested group tends to be more female than male, younger to middle-aged with about two thirds under age 50.
Here their agonistic incarnation is revealed as disinterested goodness, and their moral intransigence to the point of obsession as anarchic substitution.
In doing so, the adviser had failed to disclose to its clients all the material facts surrounding this investment recommendation--namely, the adviser's conflict of interest when it recommended a stock not as a disinterested adviser, but as part a scheme to profit personally.
There must be adequate disclosure, with disinterested director approval in order to pass the procedural fairness test.
For it contains the compassion of Jesus that shines not only through the Gospels but disinterested history as well.
Irving Weissman as a disinterested party, identifying him only as a "Stanford pathologist.
But is the sexual behavior of the "human animal" purely a matter for disinterested observation?
The emerging profession of journalism relied increasingly on this vision of news as disinterested expertise, fueling the public's need, or right, to know.
She cites several instances in which area newspapers employed disinterested where uninterested was called for; then she uncovered three similar missteps in a biography of Lady Caroline Lamb.
Only those who are truly disinterested persons will be members of the committee.
The news media repeatedly portray Berlet (and the small tribe of his hard left "anti-right expert" kin) as disinterested academic experts, even though radical leftists like Berlet and his fellow "experts" spend their lives actively fighting against the American right.
The second establishes Lee's theoretical framework for the study, which posits a connection between sympathy for the plight of the slaves (the historical situation) and Romantic philosophizing about a kind of disinterested imagination that enables an individual to enter into the mind and feelings of another (the psychological situation).
One in seven Scousers describe their boss as incompetent, disinterested or a dictator.
The absence of a disinterested elite lies at the center of Judis's case.
The preface asks whether The Tempest is "a colonialist play or a disinterested work of art?
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