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tending to cause breakup into constituent elements or parts


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The basic unity of the verse was neither the letter, disintegrative and insignificant, nor the syllable, rhythmic and cutting yet still lacking ideality, but the entire word, of whatever type, indifferently, all words being considered of equal value and weight, all to be manipulated as concrete and abstract ideas.
After an overview of the various disorders, such as autistic disorder, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, it covers causes and risk factors; symptoms, assessment, identification, diagnosis, and early interventions; associated conditions like communication difficulties, epilepsy, non-verbal learning disability, and genetic disorders; evidence-based behavior, communication, and biomedical interventions; educational guidelines; and living with autism and transitioning to adulthood, including housing and employment.
In Doblin's early essays, "the picture emerges of a young man anxious to retain the unifying power of metaphysical thought in compensation for the disintegrative effects of empirical inquiry that he perceives in the contemporary development of science" (13).
Childhood disintegrative disorder: Children with this disorder typically develop normally for two to four years before the condition, which resembles autistic disorder, arises.
The new category will include the current diagnoses of autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder (not otherwise specified).
Behavioral diagnoses for the children included autism (9), possible postviral or vaccinal encephalitis (2) and disintegrative psychosis (1).
Autism spectrum disorder consists of five subtypes, which include autism disorder (AD), Asperger's syndrome, Rett's disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD) and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).
Others include Rett syndrome, Asperger syndrome, and childhood disintegrative disorder.
Understood romantically, equality is disintegrative because it seeks to isolate the uniqueness and passion of man and woman, who can only be united with others under conditions of love.
Educators and parents can use this document as a guide that describes effective models of educating students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including: Autistic Disorder; Asperger's Disorder; Pervasive Developmental Disorder; Not Otherwise Specified (PDDNOS); Rett Disorder and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder.
Therefore Brann has not only a very detailed chapter on Ficino's "reconstucted genial theory," but a very solid and possibly more original chapter entitled "The Aristotelian and Skeptical Revivals and their Disintegrative Impact on the Ficinian Genial Theory" (chap.
Although the romantic nationalism was defined with reference to external adversaries, its primary function was to "counter the disintegrative effect of centrifugal social forces based on ethnic sub-nationalism and military warlordism" (p.
The disintegrative diversity was associated with the multiversity "campus" of "comprehensiveness and spread" while the opposite notion of academic integration is associated with the "concentration and strictly limited size" of the "college"--this is one of the ways Muthesius uses the terms campus and college found in his title.
The strategy offered here was how to fit in, certainly not to create a new space and voice for women in the light of the socially disintegrative violence of the civil war.
In the Baltic countries, the situation is mixed and fluid; in Belgium, the disintegrative tendencies and the ultranationalism of the Vlaams Blok have been moderated by consociationalism and constitutional change and by the improved economic status of the Flemish community.
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