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Synonyms for disintegration

Synonyms for disintegration

in a decomposed state

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a loss (or serious disruption) of organization in some system

separation into component parts

the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substance along with the emission of ionizing radiation

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Noting that Iran supports Saudi Arabia's unity and territorial integrity as it did in Iraq, Amir Abdollahian said, "There is a danger of disintegration and it is so serious that we cannot say that Saudi Arabia won't experience this danger in future.
Should they prevent the causes since then, this fear of disintegration would not have come.
Various aspects, including thickness, diameter, weight, hardness, friability, disintegration time and drug content, were investigated.
For years to come, European capitals, especially Brussels, will be inward-looking and for the first time in 70 years, they will be immensely busy thinking about disintegration rather than more integration.
Disintegration techniques including ultrasound [4], gamma irradiation [5], ozonation [6], enzyme [7] and combination of alkaline and high pressure homogenizer [8] have been studied to enhance sludge biodegradability.
The use of IR to detect the presence of the tablet is a leap forward in disintegration testing providing reliable results and compliance with all monographs.
The Iranian official called on taking all necessary measure to prevent Iraq's disintegration.
The present study investigated the variation in the preparation of cellulose acetate phthalate and methacrylic acid copolymer coating (Rheapol L 100[R]), without drug addition, in a magistral pharmacy: standardized the pharmacotechnical procedures to coat hard gelatin capsules and evaluated the efficiency of such coating through disintegration tests.
In the present study an indigenous coal briquetting technology has been developed and evaluated in terms of combustion characteristics such as moisture content, volatile matter, ash, fixed carbon and calorific value of the resulting coal briquette and disintegration strength using polyvinyl acetate (PVA) in combination with calcium carbonate (sample no 3 with highest disintegration strength value of 2059N).
BRUSSELS / Aswat al-Iraq: Premier Maliki's political advisor Sadiq al-Rikabi announced that Iraq will not permit any disintegration of Iraqi minorities.
I would be totally against edging towards the slippery slope of granting tax raising powers, leading to disruption of monetary union, total disintegration of the justice system, total disintegration of the pensions and benefits system, complex and unworkable dealings with the EU over subsidies and liabilities of millions of pounds in "EU Membership Fees" for each of the island's "member states", the introduction of impractical border controls to stop people smuggling and money laundering, and visas and permits to work and reside, for the English in Wales and Scotland.
Washington, March 7 ( ANI ): Scientists have identified antibodies that block the process of synapse disintegration in Alzheimer's disease, raising hopes for a treatment to combat early cognitive decline in the disease.
KABUL (PAN): Amid reports about efforts at introducing a federal system in Afghanistan, Kabul-based political analysts warned on Tuesday such a regime could lead to the disintegration of the war-ravaged country.
com LLC tests health products for strength, purity and disintegration to determine whether the product is what it claims to be.
A closer look at disintegration time and efficacy data reveals that disintegration of the specific dietary supplement delivery matrix is an important variable that needs consideration when evaluating the effect of free phytosterols, he added, noting that disintegration time has been an important variable for other FDA approved nutrition-related health claims.