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the act by a donor that terminates the right of a person to inherit

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That is, prospective Muslim converts faced stiff social sanctions from families and communities, including assault and kidnapping; the prospect of disinheritance, divorce, and ostracism; even the possibility of death ("honor killing").
The power of dispossession, of disinheritance, is so great that language itself draws a boundary line.
4) For my discussion of the influence of Romanticism in Australian writing, see my chapter "A Case of Romantic Disinheritance," in Reading Australian Poetry.
Brashier, Disinheritance and the Modern Family, 45 CASE W.
Particular stress is given to the surmise that Heinrich may have regarded Willehalm as his ancestor, and to the parallels between Willehalm's disinheritance by his father and the recent family history of the Hessian landgraves after Landgrave Heinrich I divided his lands between the children from his first marriage and those of his second wife in 1294.
his disinheritance of them in favor of a black, enslaved woman.
Baxter's Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness is reviewed by Allen in a way that instigates a process of disinheritance when he remarks that 'assertions about New Zealand .
Ordinance marriage also gave women and their children new disinheritance rights.
On the other hand, it can also be said that Potter's Orlando becomes liberated from the onerous, cyclical rituals of the class system via the disinheritance that does not figure in Woolf's original.
Yet Edward's refusal to break his engagement with Lucy Steele despite the threat of disinheritance also indicates that economic circumstances may make the moral choice more difficult but cannot prevent it.
However, for many women these actions carry the risk of violence, eviction, disinheritance, loss of their children, and other severe abuses.
More specifically, he was engaging with Scott's themes of exotic encounter, return, power, and disinheritance in Rokeby.
This is hardly an easy or popular function at a time when manifold decadences accumulate to disrupt the order of the community and the order of the soul, and when romantic, utilitarian, expansionist, and utopian proclivities of mind and conduct prevail; when, too, we live in a hubristic age when time-tested traditions and time-honored customs continually capitulate to "unintelligent innovations," to quote Irving Babbitt's words, and to aberrations and apostasies of increasing ferocity that are consonant with existence in a vacuum of disinheritance.
Questions are also raised about Charles' role in the disinheritance of Brooke Brooke in 1862-1863, of which he was the principal beneficiary.