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the quality of being disingenuous and lacking candor

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But this would only add to the disingenuousness of your administration in speaking about Sudan.
Such disingenuousness sends a clear signal to Khartoum: there will be no real consequences for its immensely destructive and disruptive military assistance to renegade militia groups that have no meaningful political agenda, and which trade only speciously on local agendas.
The course of international responses to Abyei over the past year from the time it became obvious that military seizure by the SAF was imminent (March 2011) to the present provides a grimly instructive example of the expediency, cynicism, and disingenuousness we can expect to see if war does indeed break out between Sudan and South Sudan.
The proposal brought by Gration and his office is detailed by the International Crisis Group in a November 23, 2011 Briefing ("Negotiating Sudan's North-South Future," page 4); this State Department denial is part of a growing pattern of disingenuousness.
To be sure, dishonesty, disingenuousness, and equivocation have a long history in Western diplomatic engagement with Khartoum's National Congress Party (NCP) (the re-named National Islamic Front).
Consequently, the chances for military confrontation along the North/South border--deliberate or accidental--remain dangerously numerous; movement toward creating a buffer zone, an effective separation of forces, is presently stymied by Khartoum's adamant refusal to commit to this critical step in securing the peace, and by UN DPKO disingenuousness.
But in the run-up to the deeply imperiled January self-determination referenda for southern Sudan and the border region of Abyei, it is clear that disingenuousness, silence, and equivocation are the preferred terms of engagement.
4] The puzzle for Callahan, and for us here, is how we can, without a tragic disingenuousness, accede to "the killing of something for which [we] claim to have a profound respect" (p.
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who were entertaining and inspiring when they blended entrepreneurship with social activism, are fast becoming tiresome in serving up statements that are rich in naivete, self-delusion and disingenuousness.
Brooke, on the other hand, was guilty of arrogance, obtuseness, and disingenuousness.
The spectacles and symbols that establish democratic character can be punctured by revelations of disingenuousness.
It is not deliberately mendacious -- he believes what he is saying, although at times the disingenuousness, or self-pity, is staggering: "If Saddam Hussein had attacked Israel rather than Kuwait, would the United States and its allies have rushed to its defense?
Davis argues that the conflicting demands of realism and moral didacticism gave rise to a certain poetics of disingenuousness that fashioned the novel into "a wolf in sheep's clothing.
This is not due to any genuine disgust over disingenuousness.
In other words, the same old Dick Nixon is still with us in all his disingenuousness.