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the quality of being disingenuous and lacking candor

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Given her past history, Clinton's disingenuousness becomes even starker next to the images of war and violence that mark the bodies of youth both at home and abroad.
The mythological nature of the images on the canvas, along with the soap-opera-cum-fantasy aspect of the two figures' character types (and thirty-year age gap), plus some tacky BDSM items (fetish boots and a whip), can easily lead the average moviegoer to presume disingenuousness.
But never overestimate the disingenuousness of our duly elected reps.
And they're the epitome of the sloppy talk, selfishness and disingenuousness too common in our debate and society.
Whether that's evidence of self-delusion, ignorance or disingenuousness is a question, but Rabagliati maintained confidence that a sales rep that is informed--and compensated in a way to encourage those conversations--can get traction and make a difference.
Rashoud employs the strategy of the braggart and bully: disingenuousness and victim-blaming.
Isn't this kind of distortion and disingenuousness from Labour exactly what gives politicians a bad name?
None the less, instead of pressuring Israel to give up occupied land for peace, successive American administrations actually chose to enable Israel not only to say "No" to American mediation efforts, despite the utter disingenuousness of these efforts, but also to eliminate virtually all realistic prospects for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state in the West Bank.
What with the damning convolutions of ignorance, disingenuousness, and angst that shadow so much of the discussion of race in the United States, it is heartening when hope glimmers, as it does when Clifton Taulbert unpacks his defensive prejudicial baggage acquired as an African American child growing up in the '40s and '50s in a segregated Mississippi Delta.
Unanimity is not only spurious, it is injurious when purchased at the price of compromises that suggest disingenuousness.
The oil industry's disingenuousness was just slick enough to slide into the slipstream of public discourse.
Its latest broadside against the Philippines and Vietnam, two countries with which it has been in dispute over the ownership of certain islands and atolls in the South China Sea, smacks of the arrogance and disingenuousness that have characterized its treatment of its neighbors over this highly sensitive issue.
On the other hand, he condemns Roth's opportunism, his hubris, his disingenuousness and even the conduct of his love life.
38)); one's sense of one's own disingenuousness ('I suppose I am preposterously unnatural, she thought, and smiled' (p.
Even then, novelist and New York magazine columnist Kurt Andersen had already had enough: "The customary righteousness, disingenuousness, futility and wonky tedium of such debates are for me almost unbearable.