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in a disingenuous manner


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He said: "Npower is still behaving disingenuously to its customers.
It is this latter line only that assigns almost all the oil to Scotland, and Alex Salmond disingenuously talks as if that line would survive genuine separation.
IT has been suggested somewhat disingenuously that England should have a vote in the Scottish Referendum.
He accused the Daily Mail newspaper of acting disingenuously in its reporting of the incident.
Disingenuously dubbed "renewables" by doctrinedriven papers such as The Guardian they are in reality both harmful to humans and wildlife.
She took the cash and promptly walked off saying, you might think somewhat disingenuously, 'Ta'.
Regrettably, incitement to racism is becoming more not less of a problem, often hiding disingenuously behind the mantra of free speech," Wertheim said.
Humphries's relationship with AbEx gesturalism is by turns disingenuously kittenish and downright slurry.
Ali-Akbar Velayati, the foreign policy adviser to the Supreme Leader, said disingenuously that there was nothing new in the letter.
Labour outlined plans to switch from analogue to digital by 2012 in its 2005 manifesto, disingenuously failing to make clear that this was on EU orders.
This week he's disingenuously painting himself as some sort of champion of the program.
However, he was, disillusioned to learn belatedly that senior administration insiders were disingenuously driving misinformation campaigns to manipulate American public opinion.
If he had added "a temporary" freeze, that would be one thing, but he disingenuously leaves out that critical word.
After the heats Lotte Friis had said, somewhat disingenuously it transpired, she did not believe she would beat the Briton.
Or will they, looking at the results, hedge their bets and disingenuously attribute their vacillation to Jewish settlements on the West Bank?