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a reduction of prices intended to improve the balance of payments

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The disinflation in Zimbabwe is therefore a good development as it increases the consumers' purchasing power," he said.
Its economy is still suffering with disinflation and the recent devaluation in the Euro might inspire its central bank to weaken its currency to not only combat disinflation, but to ensure export competitiveness.
This is prompting a lot of concern about disinflation or deflation.
The odds of this high-growth scenario playing out are perhaps reflected in how well equity markets have held up despite worries about disinflation, patchy economic growth and the possibility that Greece could return to the emergency room.
Disinflation is used when the inflation rate has fallen marginally over the short term.
The obvious strategy to benefit from the Turkish disinflation trade is to go long curve steepners in the lira debt market.
9%, after data was released which fed worries of disinflation in the US.
Some inflation-forecasting models based on the Phillips curve suggest that there should have been more disinflation since the Great Recession than has shown up in core PCE or core CPI data.
stocks at record highs on Thursday, after the European Central Bank (ECB) moved to combat disinflation and investors looked to Friday's employment report.
has been experiencing disinflation -- the core personal consumption expenditures index, for example, has fallen to 1.
The weekly CPI structure reveals that disinflation in eggs and deflation in gasoline helped inflation to abate.
The NBR said it had room for monetary easing due to the resumption in disinflation, estimating the annual inflation rate will fall below its target of 2.
Moreover, Russia still has a round of disinflation to go through that should keep doors for monetary easing open over H2, thus supporting local FI.
Second, the Federal Open Market Committee might be making a policy mistake in putting its own growth and inflation forecasts ahead of the markets' fear about Chinese finance, while the evidence that disinflation in the real economy is bulldozing inflation expectations in markets.
Both inflation rates are also lower than they were in 2010, during the country's last episode of disinflation.