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The disinfested seeds were germinated in bottles containing 30 ml of half -strength Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium [20] supplemented with 0.
were disinfested by scrubbing under running water with a brush, then immersed in 10% Clorox (6.
In each experiment, approximately half of the disinfested seeds were treated with spores of P.
Disinfested seeds, three per 8 dram vial, were cultured aseptically in half strength MSMO amended with the antimicrobials plant preservative mixture (ppm) at 2 ml/L and Benomyl at 100 mg/L, or tap water.
Growers must use sterile containers and soilless media, clean irrigation water, and disinfested seeds.
auropunctata control, two applications of granular bait containing both hydramethylnon and S-methoprene, or metaflumizone applied as a spray, demonstrated potential to be part of a multiple treatment protocol for infested potted plants, as they completely disinfested 63 to 66% of plants treated, while the remaining infested plants averaged only 14 to 29 live worker ants per plant.
were disinfested by scrubbing under runing water with a brush, then immersing in 10% Clorox for 20 mm.