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Pathogenicity of urediniospores collected from infected leaves was evaluated on 14 to 28 day-old Alamo switchgrass established from surface disinfested seed.
Seeds were disinfested under laminar flow cabinet with Clorox (0.
Disinfested nodes were put on sterilized paper tissue in sterilized Petri dishes as explant ready for inoculation.
For seed assay, a random sample of 30 seeds was surface disinfested in 0.
Seeds were surface disinfested in 20% Clorox containing 2-3 drops of Tween 20 solution (Fischer Scientific, NJ) for 20 min and then rinsed three times in sterile distilled water.
In each experiment, approximately half of the disinfested seeds were treated with spores of P.
Disinfested seeds, three per 8 dram vial, were cultured aseptically in half strength MSMO amended with the antimicrobials plant preservative mixture (ppm) at 2 ml/L and Benomyl at 100 mg/L, or tap water.
Benches can be disinfested with a dilute antiseptic.
For all the treatments, the seeds were surface disinfested in 1% (active ingredient) sodium hypochlorite for 15 min to eliminate seed-borne microorganisms.
Ten flowers were disinfested by immersion in a 3% Na hypochlorite solution for 1min and subsequently rinsed with sterile water.
The primary justification for using this system is that strawberry crops can be produced without fumigation (Lieten, Longuesserre, Pivot 2004); although if the soilless media could be disinfested and recycled, instead of discarded at the end of each cropping cycle, it would, in theory, represent a more sustainable system.
Fruits were previously disinfested as described above and arranged inside plastic boxes on top of three sheets of filter paper saturated with water.