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Contract disinfestations of common areas, mechanical rooms, units with full warranty and disinfection, sweeping columns and local garbage chute.
Benefits disinfestations, disinfection units, columns chutes, indoor and outdoor common areas of all buildings oph Nancy.
Service contract for the disinfestations, disinfection of empty columns trash and garbage bins empty premises located in the DRC over the entire heritage Batigere Ile-de-France under management.
Total quantity or scope: This consultation covers a the service delivery market for disinfestations, disinfection, degreasing of walls, hoods and kitchen ceilings and depigeonnisation institutions of AP-HM; in the context of an open tender in accordance with Articles 33 and 57 to 59 of the Public Procurement Code.
This consultation is on a mission rodent and disinfestation of buildings, roads and outskirts of the city of Brignoles for the year 2014-2015, and will eventually renewable for 2015-2016 years, 2016-2017, 2017-2018 .
The market aims to retain a service provider whose mission is to work on all sites or communal public spaces as prevention or ad hoc basis, for rat extermination, disinfection and disinfestation.
Disinfection, disinfestation, disinsection garbage chute ducts in residences.
Benefits include: - Cleaning and routine maintenance of the center premises (about 108,000 m2) and windows (about 18,000 m2)- Disinfection, extermination and disinfestations of premises,- The provision, management products, consumables and materials related to benefits,- The taking of samples of wash water,- The completion of the reporting related to the provision,- Updating, management and development of the cleaning database.
Disinfestations of Opuntia seeds are necessary when the germination is performed in vitro.
The present investigation was carried out with the objectives to promote in vitro seed germination, disinfestation and plant growth of the sweet cactus.
According to Barrueto Cid and Zimmermann (2006), the sodium hypochlorite is the most efficient product on disinfestation of explants.
Data are also presented regarding the disinfestation, and asymbiotic seed germination represents an efficient way to propagate this species.